What is HP Printers That Use 564 Ink Cartridge?

What is HP Printers That Use 564 Ink Cartridge


HP Printers has manufactured and launched various printer models in the market. Every printer model launched by HP comes with advance technology and works efficiently. When you buy a printer, you need to insert or connect all the printer accessories like ink cartridge, Feeder tray, sheet paper tray, etc. into the printer.

Every printer model by HP needs an ink cartridge to perform the printing. There are different models of ink cartridges also, 564 ink cartridge is one of them. HP Printers that use 564 ink are Photosmart, Officejet, and Deskjet series. If you own an HP Printer and want to buy 564 ink cartridge, then you can buy it from the official HP store. For excellent print quality, you are recommended to use original HP ink cartridges. In case you unable to install HP 564 ink cartridge, or facing the failure of the ink system, then read this complete guide to resolve that problem. Read how to put ink cartridge in HP printer.


Procedure to install the HP 564 ink cartridge:

Step 1: Go to the official HP store, and buy a 564 ink cartridge.

Step 2: Unpack the cartridge and remove the orange protection tapes from it.

Step 3: Make sure not to damage any other components while unpacking the cartridge.

Step 4: Ensure not to touch the copper-colored contacts.

Step 5: Press the power button to turn on the printer.

Step 6: After that, open the cartridge access door.

Step 7: Insert the cartridges into the required slots and make sure it is perfectly fit into the slot.

Step 8: Installation of your ink Cartridge is complete, close the cartridge access door.


Solution for an ink system failure:

Ink system failure in the cartridge comes across due to various reasons, but they can be resolved quickly by following the steps or methods mentioned below. Make sure to follow the instruction carefully.

Genuine ink cartridge: It is recommended to use original HP ink cartridges. You can check the authenticity of the cartridge by looking at the warranties details and manufacturer’s name on the cartridge.

Reset Printer environment: Pull out the power cord from the electric socket while the printer is on. Connect the power cord with the power supply after waiting for 60 seconds. Then turn on the printer and check “Control Panel” for any error message.

Check the ink level: An empty or lower ink level in the cartridge can also cause the ink system failure. You can check the ink level from the printer’s control panel or open the cartridge access door to check that.

Clean the cartridge: There might be chances of some dust particles in the printer cartridge. So, remove the ink cartridge from the printer and clean it if necessary.

Clean Printhead of the printer: You can use the automated tool to clean the printhead. Follow these steps to do that.

          » Go to the printer’s control panel and access settings.

          » Choose “Print settings.”

          » Go down the page and choose Toolbox.

          » Now, select “clean the printhead” and follow the instructions.

Clean Printhead manually: To clean printhead manually, open the cartridge access door and use a cotton swab.

Remove the printhead: If none of the method given above resolves the problem, remove the printhead.

Hope, this quick guide has helped you to know about the HP Printers that use 564 ink cartridge. In case you face any other issue or technical glitch with HP Printer, make sure to contact HP customer service +1-855-936-1217.

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