Where to Find Last Minute winter Sun in Europe

During the winter season, the temperatures drop significantly. For this reason, it makes it necessary to travel to a warmer place. This blog will inform you about the best places to visit to enjoy the winter sun.

Top 5 Winter Sun Destinations in Europe

If you are looking for the best winter destination, you need to consider Europe. We’ve gathered a list of the top 5 winter sun destinations to consider.

  1. Malta

There’s no better winter sun destination to consider than Malta. More often than not, temperatures drop to under 15 degrees hence making it an ideal vacation destination. You’ll enjoy seeing the sunset above the famous Mediterranean sea.

  1. Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful country located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. You’ll be happy to know that this country has an expansive coastline of close to 700 kilometers. During the winter season, temperatures do not drop beyond 17 degrees.

On the other hand, during summer, temperatures rise to 31 degrees. That makes Cyprus one of the best winter sun destinations.

  1. Sicily in Italy

Do you like seeing the beautiful blue sky? Then Sicily is the best to be during winter. The good news is that you can try out sporting activities such as skiing. Usually, during the winter, temperatures drops up to 12 degrees Celsius.

For this reason, one can enjoy warm weather even in winter. Here’s some good news, one can visit the nearby archaeological sites to enrich their knowledge of history.

  1. Budapest in Hungary

Budapest is one of the warmest winter sun destinations in Europe. In most cases, during the coldest season, temperatures drop to 6 degrees Celcius. You’ll be happy to know that there are multiple tourist attraction sites in Budapest.

For instance, you can visit the famous Buda Castle. Additionally, you can equally visit the beautiful St. Stephen’s Basilica.

  1. the Canary Islands in Spain

As the name suggests, the Canary Islands is famous for having the most breathtaking canaries. During the winter season, temperatures drop to a low of 15 degrees Celsius. For this reason, the islands remain relatively warm during the coldest season of the year.

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What makes winter Sun Destinations in Europe the Best

Millions of travelers troop to most winter sun destinations in Europe to enjoy warm weather. Why is that the case, you might wonder. Here are a few compelling reasons for these.

  1. Beautiful coastline: most of these places have attractive and expansive coastlines. For these reasons, travelers can enjoy the sandy beaches even during the winter season.
  2. Warm temperatures: secondly, most of these places have the highest temperatures during the winter season. For instance, in places such as Sicily, temperatures drop to a minimum of 12 degrees Celcius. Therefore, travelers can enjoy relatively warm temperatures even during the coldest season of the year.
  3. Tourist attraction sites: some of these destinations have multiple tourist destination sites. For this reason, travelers can visit some of these places during the winter season. Additionally, most of these attraction sites are close to one another.

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