Why Australia is Actually Heaven on Earth

Australia is a unique country. It creates curiosity and lures travelers who are searching for adventure. The land is inhabited by all kinds of mysterious creatures. It’s a land where there’s everything from surfing, koalas, kangaroos, and vast areas with outstanding beauty. Australia is actually heaven on earth and everyone should visit the country at least once in their lifetime.

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  1. There are swimming pools in the Australian oceans
  2. Coffee in Australia is incomparably sweet. Once you taste Australian coffee, you’ll always want to go back for more!
  3. Lots of precious, infant turtles are an attractive scene that attracts travelers as they crawl into the sea from January to March. You’ll also find turtle guides to help you in finding and interacting with these just-born turtles.
  4. People in Australia receive about $16.9 as the minimum wage. That’s way too high compared to many parts of the world. In regions like the US, the minimum wage ranges from about $5.2 to $9.2.
  5. Australia’s capital once threw a birthday party for itself and everybody got off work. It also put on free-of-charge concerts and set up the longest champagne bar in the world. The bar had hundreds of champagne bottles!
  6. Several Australian lakes are pink because of the prawn and algae.
  7. Plenty of handheld meat pies. The Australian people eat these meat pies while watching football guided by unique rules.
  8. It’s easy to apply for a visa to Australia online. You don’t have to consult anyone, queue, or experience any kind of headache.
  9. Sustainability for visitors. Australia has strict rules that ensure sustainability for visitors. For instance, Lord Howe Island only hosts 400 tourists maximum at any particular time and no more!
  10. So many kangaroos. In Australia, kangaroos are more than humans. That makes life here more adorable and everyone wants to visit and interact with these beautiful members of wildlife.
  11. Rugby league dominance. There’s nowhere else like Australia when it comes to rugby league.
  12. Australians create a vacation from helping Mother Nature.
  13. When Australians get bored by the ‘rough life’ of rugby and eating a lot of Vegemite, they can always escape unwinding in Lake McKenzie, perfect blue heaven!
  14. Fairy penguins. These are unique creatures that you’re only going to find in Australia. They are sea creatures but they have colonies on the land where you can visit and see them.
  15. Steel arch bridge. The Australian steel arch bridge happens to be the widest in the world!
  16. The Australian Great Ocean Road is perfect for cross-country road trip lovers. The road leads to some stunning stellar rock formations.
  17. Australia is the best road trip destination. It’s the 6th largest country with nearly 3 million square miles for everyone to enjoy at their pace. Also, there is so much wild nature and outback for camping and enjoying solitude. You’ll also find so many towns and small cities to stop and explore.
  18. Australia has great weather. The sunshine in this country is golden throughout the year, especially the northern parts that have summer-like weather all year round. There, visitors can enjoy activities such as hiking, camping, surfing, sunbathing by the beach, etc.
  19. Australia’s land area is bigger than Europe. However, the population here is very low and up to 85% of Australians live in cities located along the coast. These cities have a lot to offer to visitors. Sydney’s beach life, for instance, offers lively nightlife and vibrant culture.
  20. Incredible Wine. For wine lovers, Australia is the place to be. Some of the regions well-known for great wine include Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, and Margaret River.
  21. Aboriginal Culture is still conserved. It comprises approximately 3 percent of the population. However, the Aboriginal identity is very strong with the preservation of various indigenous people who include more than 600 nations of Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal Australians.

The indigenous people have been found across Australia for more than 50,000 years and were the original settlers even before colonization.

  1. Barbecuing is a way of life for the people of Australia. If you love to barbecue, there’s no better place to go than Australia.
  2. People can have unstoppable fun in the Gold Coast’s theme parks. From children to adults, these theme parks have something for everyone.


Indeed, Australia is heaven on earth. These are some of the things found in this country. There’s so much more you can discover if you visit. If you’re American, enjoy great deals by completing your American Airlines flight booking in advance to Australia. 

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