Will Coinbase Support Litecoin Cash?

Will Coinbase support litecoin cash

Crypto-currency has taken the world with a spin. There are a lot of things that are still a mystery for a lot of people. There are some undefined methods, some unanswered questions and a lot of things that are still not having the defined parameters. Recently, the main Blockchain of Litecoin split into two different alliances to make a new hard fork named as Litecoin cash. So with this split, a lot of people started asking on the internet one single prominent question, “Will Coinbase support Litecoin cash?

A brief about Coinbase

A lot of Coinbase users have also requested the officials to include the Litecoin transaction on this platform but the officials are either tight-lipped about it. But recently they have put an end to all of this by telling the users that Coinbase is not letting Litecoin on their platform anytime soon. It might be a chance later on that they would allow the Litecoin transactions on their platform but not right now.

A while ago there were a few issues on the platform regarding the Coinbase wallet set-up and some other users also faced the Coinbase login problem as well. After fixing all these problems the platform is now not letting any other wallet or merchant use it. Coinbase officials have also said that the exclusion of Litecoin from the platform is for the benefit of the users. Inclusion of the Litecoin cash can increase the chances of a breach. 

Apart from this, there are certain stability issues with the cash wallet which has steered to its exclusion from the platform. Although, for the time being Coinbase has completed rejected the proposal of including Litecoin on their platform but that doesn’t mean they will not include it in the future. If you are wondering as to what is Litecoin, then here is what it really was.

Why Coinbase has not yet included Litecoin on their platform?

If we were to believe the developers the newly formed Litecoin Cash aims to replace the script encryption of Litcoin with SHA-256. The changes made in the new cash wallet will help in mining LCC using the old Bitcoin mining hardware. 

To all the Litecoin account holders there is good news coming your way. After the split, all the account holders will get the LCC on a ratio of 10:1. Now the math for this is a bit easy. If you have 10 LTC account you will now get 100 LCC. And this turned out to be the perfect bait to hold back the customers because this was the chance where every account holder will be awarded 10 times the free tokens. 

If you still think that you don’t want the LCC account anymore, you can take a few simple steps and withdraw your Litecoin Cash. Now before you take any step there is some more of it to go. There is still a hustle where LCC is pushing to include themselves in the world’s leading cryptocurrency platform which is Coinbase. And everything will be clear when the distribution of free token is done.

So, for now, it is very sure that Coinbase is not going to support Litecoin on its platform.

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