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FedEx is one of the leading delivery service companies in the world. The American based company established nearly five decades ago has emerged as one of the best multinational courier delivery companies with headquarters in Memphis. Since their establishment, they have made a rapid growth in terms of their product and services and they now provide overnight shipping to its users. The company operates in more than 200 countries and were the first to include the feature of tracking packages with their services.

FedEx Customer Service Phone Number+1-855-936-1317
Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Key peopleFrederick W. Smith (Chairman & CEO)


About the Company – Fedex

The 20th century saw growth of package delivery business to a great extent. Out of so many renowned organisations, one company that has got wide attention from the customer base due to their effective service is FedEx.

Previously they were known as Federal Express, a company that gave a jaw-dropping battle to its then rival United Parcel Service. There is no doubt in saying that UPS holds a lot of credit in the package market industry but FedEx with their quality product and service have surpassed them over the past few years.

The company was founded by Fred Smith and have short story behind its establishment. It now holds the credit of the world’s largest airline for freighting goods. With more than 300000 employees under their roof, the estimated revenue is above $40 billion.

How was the Company Founded?

While a student at Yale University, Fred Smith came up with this idea of making a global logistics company. The paper submitted by him proposed new concept where one company will have all work to do with cargo form.

Smith began the operation with his company with a total of $95 million. The company started its operation between 25 cities in 1973 with 20 jet aircraft’s. During the first few years, the company does not have any gains rather they incur losses despite the fact that they were one of the strong financial companies in US history.

In 1977 the company bought seven Boeing 727 aircraft which helped the company increase its profit margin to $8 million. IBM and the US Air Force were among the 30,000 regular customers in the US at that time span.

In 1978 the company became a public one and dealt with capitals products. No sooner the public company generated a huge profit of $21 million US dollar on sales of 250 million US dollar. In 1984 the company focused on overnight delivery and freight tones that are away from the US post office.

What is the difference between FedEx and UPS?

FedEx and UPS are definitely two big names when it comes to doing courier services. But there are still debates on the fact that which one is the best among the two. Despite the fact that they offer air and ground services that are comparable enough, their strategies and purpose are a way different and that is what we will get to know in the below section.

Multiple networks are used in FedEx as compared to UPS One network

If FedEx is compared to the time when they were established, then one will notice how they have acquired new services with time. This is the reason why they have new divisions and are bound to remain separate with their distinction shipping network. On the other hand UPS being an eminent name in the shipping services uses only one network and thus there is no division in logos as well as their services.

Employees of FedEx are non-Union as compared to unionized employees of UPS

Not only there is a difference in the network of both of the companies they can also be differentiated with their employees. The fact that UPS employees are unionized makes many people believe that it would have an adverse effect on the reliability of their service as there is a possibility that the workers could call a strike. However, history says that the impact of search cause is minimal as in the hundred years of business workers only gone for a strike once.

Difference in shipping: One has got to know that there is a huge difference in their services in terms of working and strategies; their shipping network is also very different. In case of UPS, the model that it follows is the hub and spoke which basically emphasizes on interconnected services.

However, it is not the same with FedEx as the focus on other strategies of services and this is the reason why they have multiple network and district divisions and logos.

Frequently Encountered Problems with FedEx Services

  1. Delivery time of the parcel takes too long
  2. Parcel dispatched to other location
  3. User-facing difficulties to track their delivery

FedEx has always garnered the attention due to its reliability and professionalism towards their services. However, the above discrepancy annoys the people to some extent letting them to question about their services.

Contact FedEx Customer Service by Calling on their Customer Service Number

FedEx has a huge network of services and that has made them be organised with the most proactive customer support team in the world. They are there to provide real-time solution towards your problems provided you contact them from anywhere. You need to have FedEx Customer Service Phone Number +1-855-936-1317 so that you can get to them to address your issue over the phone.

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