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Fastmail is one of the popular email service providers that is suitable for business and professional purposes. It comes loaded with numerous features that make it be the popular email service platform in the world. With an amazing user interface and swift messaging solutions, this mail client has received a lot of attention over the past few years. The developers are constantly concerned with the cutting edge technology and try to implement those with the features so that users get the best out of this mail platform.To get instant help call PolarisMail customer service to fix issues.

About FastMail

Launched in 1999, FastMail is a paid mailing service available in 36 languages. Owned by the Australian company FastMail Pty Ltd, the mailing service has more than 150,000 users in 150 countries. Trusted by 40,000 business organizations, FastMail is one of the most reliable email hosts for the past 20 years. Blocking more than 30,000,000 spam emails every day, FastMail has created a safer mailing environment for the users. A complete ad-free mailing interface equipped with a very powerful search option that can retrieve any message very fast. Just swipe to delete or archive any messages and get access to IMAP. Get up to 60 GB of mailbox storage with amazing keyboard shortcuts. With high-level protection from data phishing, the mailing service is widely appreciated in renowned industries.

Various Features of FastMail:

The following section will educate you about the main features of FastMail for which they have been widely appreciated across the globe.

Various ways to access- For the sake of user convenience these mail service officer numerous ways in which the user can access their email. Whether you are at your home or at your office with Fastmail you can easily send receive and reply to messages or attach any files in your own domain.

Numerous aliases for receive messages- This email platform offers numerous aliases for the receive messages on your mail so that it would be easier for you to make it as your correspondence more professional and reliable. The option of powerful filters will help you out to trash unwanted means and keep the necessary messages in your inbox.

Filter spam emails- Spam filtering is one of the most common options that come as a complimentary with all email clients. However the filtered spam that has been offered by FastMail is world-class. The spam filtering techniques meet the industrial standards to ensure best spam filtering on your web.

Block viruses- FastMail features advanced virus filters which can restrict Nigerian princess, Trojan horses etc from attacking your mailbox. The mail service keeps on updating so that it can block any type of viruses that could attack your mail.

Managing your contacts and organising calendar- This mail platform organises your contract in the best possible way. With the number of importing options that the FastMail supports, one can easily upload the information of the contact from their home or from the workstation.

With the help of a powerful calendar from the house of Fastmail, you can easily organise your life. you must ensure update and syncing your calendar from your phone,tablet and PC to connect easily with others.

Frequently Encountered Problems with FastMail

FastMail provides a very fast and customizable web interface that makes the task easy for the users. The multiple features of FastMail helped the mailing service to grow prosperously. It is flexible and very powerful which enables you to work with HTML texts. Your phone or tablet can allow you to work very fast with this mailing service. Schedule your meetings or events with the help of the useful features of FastMail. Despite the great features, the mailing service still lags behind in standing up to all the expectations of the users. There are certain issues that are pulling FastMail down in the ladder. If you encounter any of the below-written problems then you can go ahead to dial the FastMail customer service number +1-855-936-1217.

  1. FastMail users facing difficulty in installing the application in their phones
  2. FastMail unable to block spam messages
  3. The mailing service is working very slow
  4. FastMail users finding difficulty in scheduling their calendar

These are some of the common problems that can be easily solved by the experts at FastMail customer support desk.

Contact FastMail Customer Service by Dialing the Customer Service Number

If you need any kind of assistance then the customer support desk of FastMail is always ready to give you that. They are on duty 24*7; therefore you can always get the solution to your problems. They believe in providing quality service to the users so that they can have a smooth mailing experience. You can just connect to the FastMail customer service phone number +1-855-936-1217 and they will take care of the rest.

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