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Lavabit is an email service provider that was launched in 2004. It is a free email provider that provides high-level security and privacy with their email service. In 2013, Lavabit stopped functioning and again resumed its services in 2017.As of now, it is available as a paid service and you have to pay for the subscription that you want to choose. The email service provider is basically built around the concept of Dark Internet Mail Environment protocol.To get instant help call Lavabit Mail Customer Service to fix issues.

About Lavabit

Founded in 2004, Lavabit provides webmail services to its consumers. However, their services were suspended on 2013 by US federal government due to issues with Security Socket Layers Private Keys. But in 2017, the company again resumed webmail services. The new Lavabit email services feature Dark Internet Mail Environment for providing end to end email encryption to its users. Lavabit webmail services are designed for both consumer and corporate solutions. Depending on the purpose of your business, you can choose the email solution from their site. Being the pioneer’s in encrypted email, they aim to provide private and secure communication with its services. With advanced technology and innovative solutions, the company provides comprehensive protection to digital privacy of its users.

Various Reasons to Choose Lavabit over other Contemporaries:

Lavabit email provider has been on the eye of many-business professional since it was launched in 2004. It works on POP and IMAP. However, this is not only the reason why it has become so popular, there are other advanced features embedded with this email system that has significantly boost its popularity in the recent past

  1. Concept of end to end encryption technique has been used in Lavabit email service
  2. Aims to keep your emails private
  3. Multiple ways to access your email
  4. Robust spam and virus filtering

Some other important Facts Lavabit

  1. Since 2017 there is no free version of Lavabit with email service and you have to purchase email account if you want to use it. The standard version of it can be purchased against $30 where as the premium account can be purchased against 60 US dollar
  2. Even though the concept of email account offered by Lavabit has long been diminished but one can enjoy this provision, if they have a promo code. You can get free of cost mail account if you are lucky to get a promo code from your close acquaintance or any other source
  3. They deploy Bayesian filtering in order to keep spam out of your mailbox

What makes Lavabit to be different than its competitors?

While opting for the service you would like to know the unique features and the reason why you should choose this platform over others. The two things that make this platform to be different from its counterparts is that its advanced security and better privacy that it provides as an email service provider. The service provider commits to keep all your emails private. When they their stropped service after 2013. The company declined to share all private details with the US government which shows how loyal they are to their customers.

Frequently Encountered Problems with Lavabit Email Service

Lavabit meet the end to end encryption standards and with the superior technology, they have attained a huge fan base. Besides providing services to a lot of big industries the company does not compromise with its customer support as well. Here are some of the frequently encountered problems with their services. Get your issues resolved quickly by dialing lavabit mail customer service number.

  1. Problem with encryption of Lavabit webmail service
  2. User-facing problems while sign in to their webmail service
  3. Lavabit webmail services restrict the user from sharing data to other

Besides providing a lot of webmail solutions, Lavabit is concerned with their customer service as well. They strive to maintain their genuine and loyalty service to its consumers with their highly trained staff and qualified engineers.

Contact Lavabit Customer Support by Dialing their Customer Service Number

Since their Inception in 2004, they came a long way in their business, providing email solutions to various big industries. However, providing valuable customer service is also a part of their profession in which the company does not compromise. When you face any problem with their webmail service you can directly visit their website and address your problem to get a real-time solution. They provide round the clock services and will come up to you with a relevant solution that will resume your services in no time. Their customer support desk is active enough to cater to your needs. You need to connect with Lavabit mail customer service phone number +1-855-936-1217 to have the best solution to your problem. You can even post your question in their community forum to get solution.

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