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Over the past few years, there have been a lot of email services offered by different companies to provide email solutions to people all over the world. Some of them are Yahoo Mail,, Gmail etc that have millions of users registered to their services for their unparalleled efforts and user-friendly interface.

Most of these services will go well with many professionals but when it comes to business prospects most of these webmail might not be fruitful to deal with the purpose you are looking for. Actually, for business email addresses, it is required to use the domain name of the company and names like and will not serve the purpose.

This is the reason why Roundcubemail comes into play as they are designed exclusively for business personnel and provides a lot of customisation options to make the computing task easy.

About Roundcube

Roundcube webmail project is a free webmail solution. The webmail project features a desktop-like user interface that makes easy for the users to install and configure the webmail project into the pc. This project runs on a LAMPP server. The webmail project features the latest web standards to provide a customizable UI to its uses. Beside that Roundcube Email Support comprises of open source libraries. The webmail solution also comes with a handful of features like drag and drop, message management, multiple sender identities, spell checking, IDNA support, etc. It is available in 80 languages and the customizable user interface offers searching messages easily. Roundcube is also concerned with the security of the software and provides sophisticated privacy protection to its project.

Why Roundcube is Better than other Webmail Services?

Talking about Google’s email solutions there is no doubt about the fact that there are a lot of advantages using their Web services, but most of the small vendors fail to invest amounts to enjoy the perks those services offers. In that case, Roundcube is an open-source webmail solution that provides small organisation email service to the employees and members.

This webmail solution is exclusively designed to work on LAMP that is Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP server and is suitable to adapt comfortably on the company’s hosting solution. Roundcube supports various web service as well as databases. The purpose of this is that all the emails that are sent to the recipients from the company’s domain for security could be stored on that particular server so that it can be accessed through Roundcube webmail interface later on.

Another reason why Roundcube webmail solution is fruitful for business purpose is that it comprises of all the basic functionality that is required to send, receive, forward, reply and delete your emails. Apart from all this functionality, the provision of folders and subfolders is also there.

The address book of this webmail solution is also sophisticated enough and the email address allows you to store phone numbers, URLs, addresses as well as photos. The address book even supports groups where numerous contacts can be added to that group and can be made altogether by just addressing a message to that particular group name.

Frequently Encountered Problems with Roundcube Software

Roundcube webmail solution is licensed under GNU version 3. Roundcube webmail solutions are easy to use and can be downloaded and distributed by anyone. But while using its features some users do face problems and that is where their customer support provides assistance as you can dial Roundcube Email customer service number +1-855-936-1217 to get to them.

  1.    Problem with logging into the webmail
  2.    Problem with receiving email
  3.    Webmail cannot be used when the computer is offline

Do not worry if you are confused and frustrated by the webmail project on your computer. The simplest and quickest way to get rid of this problem is by dialing their customer service number and connects to their representatives.

Contact Roundcube Email Support Service By Dialing Their Customer Service Number:

Technical issues are experienced by most of the people using webmail solutions. However to keep this problem away and resume its normal operation roundcube have the best in class team who can guide you in this aspect. You can connect to them in a number of ways. You can directly mail from their website as well as post your problem in the complaint section as their representatives will be quick enough with the most appropriate solution to resume the service of your Roundcube webmail solution. A lot of people step back just because they do not know the ways to get to their representatives. However, webmail is pretty concerned with their customer needs and offers quite convenient access to their authorities from their website with the online chat feature. While facing any problem with their product, never hesitate to contact Roundcube Email customer support as their round the clock services will definitely fetch you a proper solution.

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