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Thunderbird Email is a free email service provided by Mozilla foundation. The organization regularly releases new features that will be handy for users. Additionally, People can use the Thunderbird Email Support whenever they encounter any technical issue.

Moreover, the latest version of the Thunderbird comes with much advanced features mentioned below.

  1. Allow expanded columns to the folder pane for folder size and counts
  2. Message filtering when a message is sent or archived
  3. Internationalized domain names for RSS feeds
  4. File-per-message local storage available for new accounts (Maildir)
  5. Contact search over multiple address books

Use Thunderbird Email to get a comfy and hassle-free email experience. However, use Thunderbird Email Tech Support Phone Number to connect with the tech-savvy professionals who are round the clock available to provide satisfactory assistance to people in need. You do not need to worry about the call timing, as the number is 24/7 reachable.

Thunderbird Mail Customer Service Number +1-855-936-1217

Thunderbird is open source software that offers users with email services for free. Apart from email services, there are also other features embedded in the application such as News Feed, Chat, Calendars etc so that users find the task easier. Open source email software is free to use and urges the user to have the freedom and communicate just like the way they want. Thunderbird has a strong community who are constantly involved in developing this application so that the user makes the best out of it. Over the past few years, their service has gone through a lot of updates making it user-friendly and much more customized with a handful of features in it to ease the computing task of the user further.To get instant help call Thunderbird Mail customer service to fix issues.

Thunderbird Email Customer Service:+1-855-936-1217
Developer(s)Mozilla Foundation
Initial release2003

About Thunderbird Mail

Developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Thunderbird is a very popular mailing system. The version 1.0, released in December 2004, saw a whopping download of 500,000 in just 3 days. With a backup of all the messages and attachments, Thunderbird allows you to access your emails without an active internet connection. Recovery of deleted items made easy with an RSS reader to let you view the headings at a glance. The organizer keeps your mailbox sorted and helps you to locate the important messages. The easy to access and easy to install features make Thunderbird a favorite of millions of users. View the important events by adding a Google calendar and get support for multiple email accounts.

Various Features of Thunderbird:

Thunderbird has not only been popular for its mainstream services that are email service. The various other features that it provides have drawn the attention of many individuals across the globe. The following section will let you know about how the various features will benefit you.

Easy settings of mail Account- Before you set up your mail account you need to know the status of your settings that is IMAP, SMTP, SSL or TLS. Once you are done with the above steps you are now required to give your name, email address and password and set up your email account.

Email address is Personalised- Have you ever dreamt of having an email address that can be personalized just like the way you want? Yes with Thunderbird mail you can enjoy the provision of the personalized email address. Sign up to Thunderbird account as it will get automatically set up allowing you to send and receive messages instantly.

Attachment Reminder Feature- With the attachment reminder feature, the user will get notified about attaching any document before sending messages to any recipients.

Multiple Chat Option- This email feature aids multiple supported networks offering the user with multiple channel chat with your contacts. Besides that, the user will not face any hassles while they look for past conversation.

Tab Email Option- With the Tab mail option one will get the provision of loading emails in separate tabs as it becomes easier for you to jump between them quickly. Open as many emails as you want with the tab email option for the sake of your easy reference.

Frequently Encountered Problems with Thunderbird Mail Support

Thunderbird is in the process of becoming an independent application. Packed with multiple useful features, it is striving to get more features loaded in their mailing software. The data backup service allows accessing the mailbox from anywhere without any internet connection, thus proving to be a great help in times of emergencies. Thunderbird has got one of the best research teams who are in a constant process of developing their services. However, there are still some aspects where this mailing service needs improvement. The users often face some issues which are tactfully handled by the support team. If you are down with any such issues then contact the Thunderbird email customer service phone number.

  1. Thunderbird mail working very slow
  2. The mailing system crashing
  3. Thunderbird users are shown error messages while sending an email
  4. Unable to install Thunderbird in Windows PC

Thunderbird provides great support to its users for any issue. With millions of users, it is one of the most used mailing systems in the world. The developers are striving to stand up to the expectations of all the users by providing the best service.

Contact Thunderbird Customer Service by Calling on the Customer Service Number

The strong and efficient customer support team of Thunderbird is on duty 24 * 7. You can connect them through the Thunderbird mail customer service number +1-855-936-1217 for any kind of assistance. They believe in providing quality service to their users and you can be assured of receiving the best solution for your problems. You can also connect them over their email support; they are equally effective in that platform too. Thunderbird will never let you down with their assistance.

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