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Tuffmail provides professional email hosting solutions for both business and individual purposes. The email service provided from the house of Tuffmail is loaded with various features for your convenience. There is no doubt in saying that Tuffmail has been one of the eminent names in providing email services.Their robust platform and high security has been one of the reasons why they are widely appreciated by business professionals all over the world. Over the past two years, developers have come up with a lot of changes with this email service which includes various advance account features to provide professional solutions with their email. To get instant help call Tuffmail customer service to fix issues.

About Tuffmail

Launched by MX Systems Inc, Tuffmail is one of the extensively used mailing services. Providing fast, flexible, reliable and secured services, Tuffmail is the first choice of many users. Powered with large mailboxes having soft quotas, Tuffmail can manage multiple domains in a single account. With a strict virus and malware scanning, the mailing service secures all your data. Provides unmatched security from spam emails and keeps them away from the inbox. Tuffmail eliminates backscatters and allows sending messages directly to an IMAP folder. Packed with the feature of auto-delete, Tuffmail allows users to set the time limit for storing messages. Tuffmail creates auto Bccs’ for the emails sent through SMTP servers. Attachment filtering is also available to forward those portions of the messages to phones that are free of spam.

Integrated Features of Tuffmail:

The various features of Tuffmail make it be one of the unique email providers among other contemporaries. Here you will get to know about the various account features that one will get to know while using this platform.

High availability with replicated IMAP servers – With replicated IMAP server at the application level user can be assured of warm backup which can be brought online if in case the primary server fails and require in email assistance.

Unparalleled controls- Whenever you choose any email service you would like to see whether  they deploy suitable technology to keep spam out of your mailbox, this is where Tuffmail makes no compromise as the employee superior technologies to ensure that your mailbox does not contain any spam.

Provision of managing multiple domains- The purpose of Tuffmail is to host domain to a common medium that is management interface. However, one limitation on this aspect is that domains are owned by the account holder and would like to be sold it will take your permission where you can contact the reseller program provided by the mail

100 MB message size- With a huge message size that is up to 100 MB, you will not face any difficulties while sending and receiving message up to the size. However, you must ensure that the message you are sending must be accepted to Tuffmail system as there are very few of them that accept large messages.

Auto Responder Feature- This feature can be accessed in the Manager and can be attached to the email addresses. However, this auto responding feature will not respond to this message that is suspected spam or that does not appear in the mailing list.

Frequently Encountered Problems with Tuffmail

Tuffmail is packed with some of the most effective mailing features. Features like malware scanning, auto Bcc from SMTP servers, DKIM support, and replicated IMAP storage have made mailing a comfortable affair for the users. The team of developers at Tuffmail is in a constant process of getting the best features introduced to the mailing system. But it the system can have downtime at several times as there are millions of users using it simultaneously. In such a case you need not worry as the efficient Tuffmail customer service +1-855-936-1217 can always be at your help. Below are some of the frequently encountered problems listed, if you are facing any of them, contact Tuffmail for easy assistance.

  1. Tuffmail users finding issues in installing the application in their phone
  2. Users unable to retrieve deleted messages
  3. Tuffmail users running out of storage space
  4. Users finding difficulty in downloading big attachment files
  5. Tuffmail running very slow

These issues are very often brought to the notice of the support team and they tactfully handle them. So the next time you are down with any of them just connect to the customer care and get them addressed.

Contact Tuffmail Customer Service by Dialing the Customer Service Number

Being a user you have all the rights to seek help from the service provider. Tuffmail is known for providing quality services and effective solution to any problem. They are at your service 24 hours for 365 days. You just need to connect to them through the Tuffmail customer service phone number +1-855-936-1217 and they will revert back with effective solution.

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