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Magicjack Customer Service Phone Number +1-855-695-0023

Launched more than 10 years back in 2007 MagicJack is a VoIP solution. VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a new service that has been around for a few years where MagicJack makes use of internet connection instead of your actual phone line. The technologically backed service has been widely appreciated as it offers a lot of perks to the users. By offering you to make calls on the road to ring calls to your smartphone and home phone is all that you can expect from this small device. Over the past few years, the company has solved the most of its loopholes and making their product to be eminent in the market. Get more information about their service at Magicjack customer service number +1-855-695-0023.

Magicjack Customer Service:+1-855-695-0023
Magicjack Customer Service Number:+1-855-695-0023
Magicjack Customer Service Phone Number:+1-855-695-0023
Magicjack Customer Support Number+1-855-695-0023
Magicjack Tech Support number+1-855-695-0023
Magicjack Customer Service Chat+1-855-695-0023
Parent organizationmagicJack VocalTec Ltd.
AddressPO BOX 6785, West Palm Beach, FL 33405, USA


About MagicJack

If you want to put an end to your expensive phone bills, then MagicJack is just the best option for you. Established in 2007, MagicJack offers you free and unlimited Internet-based telephone service (VoIP) through your home phone number and also free MagicJack to MagicJack international calling. It provides a plug and play device that can be connected to a computer, modem or mobile phone for making calls.

The most attractive thing about MagicJack is that it rids you from paying any connection fees and hidden charges. You can make international calls from the comfort of your home using MagicJack. Interestingly, you can also port your phone number to MagicJack. You can consistently make long phone calls even if you are staying indoors and the quality never drops. You can easily carry the MagicJack device with you at any place.

The customer satisfaction rate is quite high for MagicJack. But, if you are facing technical issues while using products of MagicJack then you should feel free to give a call at the MagicJack Customer Service Phone Number available on their website.


Working of MagicJack

Traditional MagicJack required to establish a connection with your computer. Thus, it is connected to the computer USB coupled with the steady internet connection. Above all, the phone jack is required on the other side of the device so that you can enjoy making calls. Despite being a seamless solution the only thing that might disappoint you with the usage of this device is that you have to keep your PC turned on throughout the day.

After 4 years of the initial launch of their first device, in 2011 the company came with an advanced product of its predecessor named MagicJack Plus. This portable device can be plugged into the PC and operates using an Ethernet connection. You will get the option to plug it directly to your router which is a solution to the issue of keeping your PC on throughout the day.

The recent product from the house of this company is MagicJack plus which has been incorporated with cutting edge technology to provide the best of service to its users. The company to keep its service prominent and at the par also came up with an application named Magic app which is available in IOS, Android users for the sake of extending the MagicJack functionality to your smartphone.


How much does a magic jack cost?

If you’re wondering about the price of this portable device, then it is to let you know that the recent version of this device would cost you around 35 USD. However, within this package, you will not only get this device, but also 12 months of free service.

When you compare to the average unlimited cell phone bill, then MagicJack will surely be your preferable choice. If you are not sure about the features that this portable device would offer you, then you can seek their 30-day trial plan before making a final decision.


Frequently Encountered Problems with MagicJack

The customer service staff of MagicJack is highly dedicated in providing expert advice and high-quality services to all its customers. They keep on receiving calls from customers throughout the day and provides help to them instantly. Here are some of the frequently encountered problems with MagicJack-

  1. Lack of clarity in long-distance voice calls
  2. System errors
  3. Problems with porting home number

Speak to your loved ones for long hours using MagicJack. You don’t have to worry about the bills. If you face any problem using the device then get in touch with the customer support service by making a phone call or writing an email to them. You can also use the MagicJack Customer Service Chat option for conveying your problems through an online chat with their customer service executive. The support staff is ready to give their best effort to solve all your problems within a short period of time. You can also visit their blog or the Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) section on their website for troubleshooting minor problems.

How to Contact MagicJack Customer Service Number? 

The main objective of MagicJack is to provide the best experience to the customers while they are making a call. The call drop rate is very low for the MagicJack customers and this is what helps them to stand out in the market. The MagicJack Customer Support phone number +1-855-695-0023 of is highly rated among the customers for their outstanding performance throughout the years.

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by Rochelle smith on 247Customerservicenumber

We have used Magicjack for 6 years now and faced no problems as such. Their internet-based phone service is quite good and it has brought an end to all our telephone bills problem. Would recommend Magicjack to everyone