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Founded in 1991, Linux is a well known operating system, specially designed for powerful machines. Linux business line includes cloud computing, mobile devices, personal computers, etc. Linux is composed in c and other languages. The OS is a family of open source operating system and is Unix like packaged in a Linux distribution. Linux distribution includes supporting system software and Linux kernel and most of which are of GNU projects. Some of the popular distribution of it is federal, Ubuntu, etc. Linux commercial branches include Red Hat Enterprise and SUSE server. The operating system is based on Intel X86 architecture. That is designed for personal computers initially. With the advent of time, they have grown their business and now extended it to many platforms. For details about their product and service contact them by dialing Linux customer care number +1-855-936-1217.

DeveloperCommunity Linus Torvalds
Written inC and others
Operating SystemUnix-like
Source modelOpen-source software
Initial releaseSeptember 17, 1991
Available inMultilingual
Official website


Frequently encountered problems with LINUX operating system.

Linux has been the leading operating system in mainframe computers. They are also widely used on supercomputers.  The OS is an example of open source software collaboration where the source code of it can be easily modified and distributed. LINUX operating system is very much concerned with their customer service. Despite having a huge customer base, they try to keep them satisfied with their superior quality services. Listed below are some of the frequently encountered problems with the LINUX operating system.

  1. Getting drivers for devices, printer, wi-fi adaptor and all
  2. Issues with various flavors like Ubuntu, Debian, etc
  3. Problem with the adjustment of the file system in the operating system as it may take a week to adjust

If you have been facing a problem with your Linux operating system, you can refer to their customer support. They have hired the best team to provide top-notch services to their clients.

Contact Linux by dialing Linux customer service number.

Problems with any operating system are common. Giving justice to the fact, Linux is well organized with their professional team, who are knowledgeable enough to provide you with the best solution. You can post your problem in the FAQ section as well as you can avail the online chat feature to connect with their representatives directly. Their responsive team will be quick enough to come up with the best solution against your problem. Linux customer service number is available 24/7 to assist you during any time of the day.

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