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Chase Paymentech is one of the most reputed payment processing companies acquiring JPMorgan Chase business. This particular payment platform is known to support businesses of all sizes and allow them to process payments. This includes debit, credit, digital, mobile, and other alternative options.

The Paymentech platform can support up to 13 different currencies, which makes it more convenient to the users. Other than that the company also provides business analytics, data security solutions, and fraud detection.

Paymentech was formed in 1985. It has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. Since the time of its inception, the company has been providing excellent services to its clients. With years of experience and unmatchable service, the company today has risen to great heights.


Type :Payment Gateways
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Products:Payment Processing Services
Chase Paymentech Customer Service :+1-855-936-0311
Chase Paymentech Customer Service Number :+1-855-936-0311
Chase Paymentech Phone Number :1-800-934-7717
Chase Paymentech Contact Number : 1-800-934-7717

Top Features of Chase Paymentech

Chase Paymentech has many useful features to offer to its clients. It’s the features that helping the company achieve its goals. The main features of the company are as follows.

  1. Secure platform: For any payment processing company, it is very important to make their platform secure. Security should be given utmost priority when money transaction is involved. In this case, you never have to complain about Chase Paymentech as they are known to provide a secure platform to its users. The platform has many safety measures, which makes the platform completely safe from online fraud. With the help of Paymentech, businesses can make secure online payments whenever they want.
  2. Diverse payment methods: Another great feature of the platform is that it provides you with diverse options of payment. This makes things all the more convenient for the users as they have multiple options to choose from. All the payment methods offered by the site are secured and completely safe to use. Some of the main methods include debit cards, recurring payments electronic check, purchase card, PayPal Credit, and International Payment.
  3. Online reporting solutions: This is yet another useful feature offered by Chase. This feature makes it convenient for businesses and other institutions to enjoy convenient online processes.  Some of the solutions include online reporting, online chargeback management, mobile dashboard, resource online, and Paymentech online.
  4. Multiple currency support: One of the most useful features provided by Chase is that it supports around 130 currencies. This enables businesses to carry on with their transactions easily.

Why contact Chase Paymentech customer service number?

When payments and transactions are involved, there exists high chances of facing problems. No matter how good and efficient a company is there are situations which simply cannot be avoided at times.

If you face any problem with Chase Paymentech, then you can give a call to Paymentech customer service. They are always there to help you no matter what the problem is.

Frequently encountered problems

Some of the common problems faced by Chase Paymentech users include:

  1. Getting billed for a closed account: If you are still getting billed for an account that you have already closed, then you should give a call to Chase Paymentech customer service number. In situations like this, they will be able to help you better.
  2. Money removed from the account: In case, Chase has removed money from your account for some reason that you are not aware of; it’s better to give their customer care a call.
  3. Unauthorized withdraws: If there is any unauthorised withdraws from your account, then calling Chase customer care would be a good decision for you.
  4. Chargeback management system not working: If you are having issues with your chargeback management system or it has stopped working, then you are advised to contact their customer support. Instead of wasting your time understanding the problem, it’s better to give them a call.
  5. Robo fraud: If you are faced by any fraud situations then you should call the customer support at once without wasting any further time.

How to contact Chase Paymentech customer service number?

If you want to contact Chase Paymentech customer support, then all you need is their customer care number. You can easily get their number from their official website. Once you call them, you will get to speak to one of their customer support agents. They will try their best to provide you with an ideal solution to your problem.

You can call them at any time you want. No matter how big or small the problem is, you shouldn’t hesitate to call them. Remember, it’s their duty to help their clients in distress. The company receives similar calls every day, so it’s quite normal for them.

If you want, you can even contact them via email. But in case of emergencies of immediate response, it is better to give them a call. By calling them, you get to talk to their customer service agents directly, which should be more convenient for you.

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