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Canon Printer Customer Service

Designed with simplicity in mind, Canon single and multi-functional printers provide greater work efficiency and security to users by making operations easy. With the latest technological advancements and innovations, one enjoys the seamless connection and highest-quality color printouts. To know more about the services offered by Canon printers, contact on the Canon Printer Customer Service and avail the services of their 24*7 customer care.

Established in August 1937, Canon Inc. is a multinational electronics manufacturer based in Japan. The company is a specialist in the manufacturing of imaging and optical products. The range of products produced by Canon includes SLR Cameras, Still Cameras, Photocopiers, Digital Camera, Camcorders, Printers, Scanners, Lenses, Monitors, Ophthalmic Instruments, Micromotors, Magnetic heads, Steppers, and some other medical instruments.

Canon was founded by the four pioneers Takeshi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida, and Takeo Maeda. All of its products are highly sold, but amongst them, the printers have garnered a good amount of popularity. The printers from Canon are one of the best-selling ones due to their remarkable features.

These printing devices print very fast and produce a top-notch quality of printouts. The cartridges can print many papers at an affordable rate, which makes the Canon printers extremely cost-effective. To know more about the features of these printers connect to the Canon Printer Customer Service number ………..

Canon Printer Contact Details

Canon Printer Customer Service:……….
Canon Printer Customer Service Number:……….
Canon Printer Customer Service Phone Number:……….
Canon Printer Support:……….
Canon Printer Support Phone Number:……….
Canon Printer Technical Support:……….
HeadquartersŌta, Tokyo, Japan
SubsidiariesOcé, Canon Medical Systems Corporation, MORE
Area servedWorldwide

The Canon Printer has a beneficial customer and technical support that help in providing all the various queries and doubts that the clientele has and tries to help the customers in a detailed and straightforward manner. We have trained professionals who seek to avail you with all the necessary and required technical assistance. You can easily contact the Canon printer support number ………. for a lot of info. We can’t help you with the billing and order status issues; however, we can provide all forms of technical support. We have a set of already answered questions and other such queries. When you are submitting an issue, it will be a smart move on both the parts if the customers can check whether or not their particular problem or issue has already been answered or not. You call the Canon printer customer care number at any time to avail the assistance. This is an essential step that should be followed by the customer before submitting the customer technical support ticket.

The Canon customer service provides an elaborate list of how-to articles which can solve most of the queries. You can even call the Canon printer support phone number ………. to avail most of the information or technical assistance. Our customer service of Canon is a team of innovative individuals who have a stronghold of the products and its various features and possible flaws. We can help the customers by guiding them in a step-by-step manner. This can enable even the most technically ignorant person to understand and sort the problem out of the product. We also provide screenshots to make the service more detailed and vivid.

Why should you go for Canon Printer?

You should go for Canon Printers for the following reasons:

Design: Most of the Canon Printers come with a robust and compact design, keeping in mind the lack of space in modern-day homes. Its unique design and light-weight make it a top contender. Due to its measurements, it occupies less space on the computer table and can be easily carried from one place to another.

Print Performance: Canon Printers are renowned for their high-quality printing with a speed up to 5.7 ipm, which invariably saves time with large volumes of a task. It produces crisp and high-resolution printouts with a 4800*1200 dpi clarity. It supports various sizes of paper, including A4, A5, B5, LTR, envelopes, custom sizes, etc.

Connectivity: Canon Printers come as both wired and wireless. The Wired models support the USB 2.0 for faster and better connectivity. Most multi-functional wireless printers come with popular wireless authentication methods like Windows Connect Now (WCN) and Wi-Fi protected Set-up (WPS). With Pixma Cloud Link, one can print from anywhere like Facebook, Instagram, Photobucket, and Google Drive. The wireless mobile devices can be connected to the printer without the use of a wireless router.

Warranty: One gets a standard 1-year warranty with every Canon Printer. Canon uses the best material and technology to make their devices reliable, sustainable and long-lasting.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Canon Printers?


  1. Consumes very little ink
  2. Wireless Printing (In selected models)
  3. Easy to set up and use


  1. Slow scanning speed
  2. Small cartridge

In case you have any queries regarding Canon Printers, reach out to the Canon Printers Customer Service and avail instant assistance.

The wide range of printers offered by Canon enables you to print from anywhere using important features like Wi-Fi and air print. Alongside that, it lets you express your individuality at affordable rates. Wireless printers are important for offices where many devices can be connected to a common printer.

In case you face any problems regarding Canon Printers, you can contact the Canon Printers Customer Service and get your grievances addressed at the latest.

Frequently encountered problems with Canon Printer

Headquartered in Ota, Tokyo, Japan, Canon is one of the leaders of the market with their advanced range of printers. The printers are extremely easy to install and can be effortlessly paired with any device. Their cartridges are easy to replace and goes on for a long time.

Canon printers have excellent printing quality that prints sharp texts and crystal clear images. They can print a large number of pages at a relatively short time and thus can take up a huge workload. However, of late the customers have been complaining about certain issues with these printing devices. But the Canon Printer Customer Service is brilliant with their services and handles all the problems faced by the customers with the utmost care.

  1. Printers leaking ink
  2. Papers getting jammed
  3. Problems in the installation of the devices
  4. Printer is Printing Slow
  5. A printer is not Printing
  6. High Consumption of  Ink And Toner
  7. Windows is Not Printing Right Print
  8. Printing is Too Low Quality
  9. Wireless Printing Is Not Working
  10. Page Alignment Problems
  11. Wireless Printing Problem

These are some of the common complaints from the customers’ end. But the technical team of Canon can tackle these problems brilliantly with their utmost expertise.

How to Contact Canon Printer Customer Support?

You can reach the Canon Customer Service at the Canon printer technical support phone number ………. and avail all the help in configuration, and even installation aspects. This popular company also has a robust and firm customer service.

Contact Canon Printers customer service by dialing the customer service number

Canon houses more than 190,000 extremely talented employees. They are great in their job and are able to solve the most complicated problem faced by the customers. If you are facing some serious issues with your Canon printers then feel free to contact the technical team of the company. They will get them solved in the most convenient way. Dial the Canon Printer Customer Support number to lodge your complaints.

Some FAQs of Canon Printer :

Generally, Canon Printers are shipped with installation CD so that customers can easily connect their printer to the system. Set up CD contains some additional software also related to printing. But sometimes you need to install the Canon printer without the setup CD.

Suppose you bought a new system or you don’t have CD drive in your system or you just lost the CD or you have a problem with the drivers, in all these cases you need to re-install the canon printer.

You can easily download the necessary software and drivers from the official site of Canon. There are other methods also for installing the canon printer without CD.

Installing Canon Printer on windows with the USB cable

  1. Plug in the printer’s USB cable to the system. Insert it into one of the USB ports on the back or front of the CPU box or on the side of your system.
  2. If your printer does not have a USB cable, you need to buy it to continue the process. Note the printer’s model number and buy cable accordingly.
  3. Non USB end of the cable also needs to be connected to the printer.
  4. Turn on the printer by pressing the power button. In many cases, the computer screen will show the start installation process after turning it on. But if still your system does not prompt set up process, continue the procedure.
  5. Open the start menu by clicking on the windows logo
  6. Search for the printer and scanner section. After finding, tap on it.
  7. Click on “Add printer and scanner”.
  8. Add your printer’s name. Printer’s installation window will be opened.
  9. Follow all the instructions to complete the setup process.

You can also install the Canon printer on Mac with the USB cable. Just make sure your printer is compatible with the Mac. If you require assistance to implement the steps; then you can contact Canon Customer Service by using the dedicated Canon Printer Customer Service Number and get your query addressed in less than no time.

Are you trying to establish a connection between your Canon printer and Wi-Fi? Or you are exhausted as you can’t find any easy way to form a connection? Worry not, this elaborated guide will help you to deal with this issue.

The easiest method to establish a connection between your printer and Wi-Fi is through an automatic connection button labelled as WPS, which means Wi-Fi protected setup. You can only apply this method if your access point has a WPS button. This button enables the connection between printer and Wi-Fi without a need to enter the password.

If your access point has a WPS button, choose “WPS connection method” and follow further steps to establish a connection.

  1. Firstly make sure that the power of the printer is turned on.
  2. Press and hols the Wi-Fi button and wait for the alarm light to flash.
  3. Make sure that the alarm lamp beside the button flashes blue.
  4. Within 2 minutes go to access point and press WPS button.
  5. The blue light on the printer will continue flashing while searching.
  6. The Wi-Fi lamp and power will blink when connecting to access point.
  7. After successfully connecting to the wireless network, the Wi-Fi lamp and power will remain lit.

Standard connection method

  1. Turn on the Canon printer by pressing the power button.
  2. Visit device settings after pressing the settings button, followed by an arrow button. Then press ok.
  3. Click on the arrow button until you go to LAN settings. Then press ok.
  4. Click on the arrow button until you see the wireless LAN setup. Click ok.
  5. Light will start blinking when the printer starts searching for the Wi-Fi network.
  6. Click on the arrow button until you find Wi-Fi network. Then press ok
  7. Enter Wi-Fi password for the connection. Press ok.

These are the methods you can use to establish a connection between Wi-Fi and the Canon Pixma Printer. You can also call on the Canon Printer Support Number for any kind of help.

Canon printers are one of the best series of printers available in the market. Canon printers deliver you impeccable printing and are still striving to offer you the best printing quality. For printing purpose, canon uses ink cartridges that are built in it.

These ink cartridges are provided with a chip that keeps the record of ink used while printing. This chip reports when cartridge out of ink or low. Refilling the ink cartridge is an economical solution for many customers. But this ink cartridge needs to be reset manually from time to time for a better quality of printing. Chip re-setters are available in the market for resetting the ink cartridge designed according to your specific cartridge model, but you can reset it manually also.

Bring out these following steps to reset canon printer ink cartridge.

  1. Take out the ink cartridge from the printer and insert it in the re-setter’s main channel.
  2. Make sure that the chip on your ink cartridge establishes a connection with the contact plate on the re-setter.
  3. For a few seconds, press down the cartridge softly.
  4. The LED light on the chip re-setter will blink several times, showing the contact has been made with the chip.
  5. Keep holding the cartridge until LED light to stop to flash and emits a steady light.
  6. From that chip re-setter, take out the ink cartridges.
  7. Repeat the process with other ink cartridges if needed.
  8. Once you are done with all this process, install the ink cartridge back in the printer.

You can also contact Canon Printer Customer Service for any kind of assistance and help regarding the reset of your printer’s ink cartridge.

Canon printers are known for its high-end printing. Connecting one of those canon printers to your personal system will make printing easy and efficient for you. You can take out prints at your home in no time at all.

You can connect your Canon printer to your laptop by connecting over the internet or by simply attaching the printer to the computer with the USB cable and allow your printer to install and connect to your system automatically.

You can bring out these forthcoming steps to connect your Canon printer to the laptop.

  1. Unpack the printer and bring out all the equipment.
  2. Read all the manufacturer’s specifications and setup your printer.
  3. Make sure paper and ink are installed and the power is on.
  4. Connect the square end of the USB cable to the printer and other end to the laptop.
  5. Boot up your system.
  6. Click on the pop-up message which will say “new hardware found”. Follow all the instructions on the screen and connect your printer to the laptop.
  7. Select “control panel” by clicking on the start window.
  8. Select “devices and printers” to proceed further. Click on the “add a printer” and select “local printer”.
  9. Choose the printer port for establishing a connection.
  10. In the drivers’ window, select the canon printer option. Choose the specific model and press next.
  11. Give a name to the printer and click next.
  12. Choose whether to connect your printer with other devices or not that are available on the network. Click next.
  13. Select your printer as a default printer and press finish.
  14. If it does not work for you means you have an older version, install the CD and follow the directions to connect the printer to your laptop.

You can also get in touch with the Canon Printer Support to know the setup process of the canon printer.

Nowadays, technology is reaching new heights to effect people living in a positive way and to relax them from the burden. Printers are also part of that modern and advanced technology that has gained massive popularity amongst people. It has made our life simple and easy. Now we don’t have to go outside for every single print.

Canon printers are among the leading brands of printers which are known for its high-quality printing and scanning. But many users are not aware of the connectivity hassles. After purchasing, they get confused. This guide will tell you the ways to connect Canon Wireless Printer to Mac.

Connection via wireless mode

These following steps need to be performed to connect the Canon wireless printer to Mac.

  1. Open the Apple menu in your system.
  2. You will see the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen. Click on that.
  3. Check the drop-down that will appear on your screen.
  4. Select “system and preferences” on the top of the drop-down menu.
  5. Then click on “printers and scanners”. A printer shaped icon will be displayed with this option.
  6. Tap on the add button which is placed at near the bottom left corner of the window.
  7. A pop-up window will appear after that.
  8. If your printer is connected to the network already, then check its model number in the left-hand side.
  9. Hit on the printer’s name in the drop-down menu.
  10. After this, your printer will start to setup.
  11. On the left side of the window, you will see the printer name, which indicates that the connection has been made.

If you can’t find out the printer name, then try to set it up via USB cable which is explained below.

Connection via USB cable

Follow these specific steps to set up the Canon printer.

  1. Take an appropriate USB cable.
  2. Connect the one end of the USB cable to the Mac and other to the Canon printer.
  3. Install the software that comes with the printer and make sure that it has a printer setup assistant included with it.
  4. Connect Canon printer to your wi-fi network with the help of printer setup assistant.
  5. Check out the documentation of the printer for all the details.
  6. Your Canon printer is now connected to the Mac. Now disconnect the USB cable from both the Mac and the printer.
  7. Make sure that your printer will remain connected to wi-fi.

For any help, contact the help desk of Canon Printer Customer Service. They will assist you on how to connect your Canon printer to the Mac.

If you have encountered any problem with Canon Printer, then a quick reset is the most natural solution for this problem. Resetting your Canon printer will solve all the issues and errors. You can perform the reset process on your Canon printer manually if you are facing continuous printing error. Terminate the error with this hard reset process. Carry out these forthcoming steps to reset the Canon printer.

  1. Turn off your Canon printer.
  2. Tap and hold the “stop” button and wait for the alarm to start.
  3. Now press the “start” button for 2 seconds. Perform this step while holding the “stop” button.
  4. After the alarm flashes for 19 times, release the “start” button.
  5. Continue holding the “stop” button.
  6. Keep pressing the “stop” button five times consecutively.
  7. Your Canon printer will be restored to factory settings.
  8. Uninstall the printer from your computer.
  9. Re-install the Canon printer and connect it to the laptop to experience better performance of the printer.

Implement all these steps to reset your Canon printer. If you still can’t reset the printer, call the Canon Printer Support Number. They will assist you in all possible ways to resolve the issue.

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