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Perhaps you are experiencing a downward trend in your internet speed as well as an increase in buffering and lag on your network. If you are in that category, you do not need to be bothered. Here are a few things besides contacting your TP-Link router customer support number +1-855-936-1217 that should give your home network a boost.

TP-Link Router Technical Support Number+1-855-936-1217
TP-Link Router Customer Service
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TP-Link Customer Support+1-855-936-1217
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Frequently Encountered Problems and Solutions

  1. Think Router Replacement: Before you dial the TP-Link router customer service phone number, you must note that there are things you can do yourself. If you want the strongest signal, widest coverage area, optimal performance all you need to do is put the router at the center of your home far from the walls as well as other forms of obstructions. You may then avoid having the routers installed in a back office or closet.
  2. Reduce the distance between the wireless devices and the router: In a situation where there is quite a wide distance that exists between your laptop router and Smartphone, it may be a problem. Also, if you are the type with a larger house, the signal of your router may not get to all the areas of your yard.  Including a wireless range, extender should help you in amplifying the wireless signal, extending coverage while also boosting the speed to reach further areas from the router.
  3. Explore the latest technology: In this case, you do not need to stress yourself as all you need to do place a call through to TP-Link router customer care number, and you are bound to get helpful info. You should be aware of the fact that the proliferation of wireless devices in homes, heavy-duty activities like Videos has a way of dragging your network speeds. If you are in any way experiencing this, and perhaps your router is operating on Wireless B, A, N, or G, you should consider stepping up to Wireless AC. It can certainly go a long way, creating a lasting positive effect on the total network output.
  4. Consider your modem: The chances are high that your modem came during installation from your internet service provider. Therefore, if you have had this modem for a long time, then you may be due for an upgrade. Do you belong to the category of those with basic internet plan via your cable company?  If you stream videos, play games or listen to audio, then you will want to get an upgrade. The speed of your router is only as effective as the speed which your service plans or modem delivers.
  5. Cut down on wireless interference: Neighboring cordless phones, wireless networks as well as baby monitors can go a long way in messing with your signal, thus leading to a reduction in the coverage. You can proceed to move the router far from these devices and observe if there is a considerable change.
  6. Get Bandwidth-Hogging applications separated: Activities such as gaming and video streaming can certainly go a long way in decreasing the wireless speed for every other person in the house. You may opt to use a media polarization tool that is on the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi to set a priority for the most important applications.
  7. Get the adapter and router settings optimized: In the most ideal situation, wireless-N routers can be paired up using wireless-N adapters as well as wireless-AC routers using wireless-AC adapters. Majority of homes make use of a combination of N, G, and AC devices that are connecting to their networks. If you find yourself in that situation, you can opt to have the wireless network mode of your router to mix. Also, if you possess a dual-band router, all you need to do is put legacy devices on top of the 2.4GHz band while you place the latest ones on the 5GHz version.
  8. Have your firmware upgraded: Some of the time, making use of firmware that is outdated may lead to reduced performance or even lower signals.  If you place a call to TP-Link router customer service number, you will be made to understand that manufacturers of devices may also send in their wireless updates via their software or firmware updates. Getting your firmware updated is as simple as getting apps on your Smartphone updated.
  9. Improve wireless security: If you place a call to TP-Link router customer care number, you will be made to understand that one of the ways you may experience a drop in connectivity and speed is if someone else is tapping from your network.  You may be surprised that hackers can easily gain access to your information even if you have a strong password.  It is therefore vital that you make use of WPA, WEP, or WPA2 as the security model. They should help keep your connection private.


How to Contact TP-Link Router Customer Support Number?

If you intend to connect to TP-Link Router customer support phone number +1-855-936-1217, then you would have to place a call through to the customer care number. You may also get their details from the company website. Place a direct call, and you will be quickly connected to one of the customer service agents who will be assigned to find a solution to your challenge.

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