Notepad++ Customer Service Number

Notepad++ Customer Service Number: +1-855-936-1297

About Notepad++

Developed by Don Ho, Notepad++ is a plain text and source code editing software specially designed for Microsoft Windows. It is free-to-use software that supports tabbed editing, thus you can work with many opened files in one window. It can run in many languages. Notepad++ is based on the editing tool Scintilla and is coded in C++.

Packed with Win32 API and STL, Notepad++ has a high execution speed and maintains smaller program size. With a very user-friendly interface, the software is in the process of lowering carbon dioxide emissions in the world. It consumes less CPU power and thus reduces the overall power consumption of the system, in other words it relies on eco-friendly technology. With powerful features like syntax highlighting, code folding, autosave, finding and replacing text, Macros, split screen editing, sorting, case conversions, etc. Notepad++ makes for a very useful application.

Frequently Encountered Problems with Notepad++

Notepad++ is powered with all the effective features that make plain text editing easy. It supports bookmarks, document map, multi-view, zooming in, zooming out, multiple languages, macro recording, multiple document interface, auto-completion, etc. The software is a very useful tool for editing plain texts and source codes in multiple languages. Notepad++ has got a lot of plugins combined with a completely customizable user interface.

However, there are certain shortcomings in the software that hinder users from working flawlessly. There are many complaints from users but the technical backup team is always ready to give the required assistance. If you are facing any of the below-written problems while operating Notepad++ then dial the Notepad++ Customer Service number +1-855-936-1297.

  1. Notepad++ users facing problems while saving a new document
  2. Users having issues in loading plugins
  3. Notepad++ crashes while opening the software
  4. The software showing ‘Installation Error’
  5. Users unable to use all the features of Notepad++

These are some of the problems that the users keep complaining about. But you need not worry if you are facing any as the efficient customer backup team is there to fix them. Just call them and discuss your issues. They will come up with the best solution.

Contact Notepad++ Customer Support by Calling on their Customer Service Number

The software has been running successfully for the past 16 years and has got a huge user base. Therefore you can be assured to receive the best solution from the Notepad++ customer support. They will try their level best to make your task in the software easy.