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ProConnect Tax Online is an online tax preparation system. It is a full-featured tax preparation software that is designed to serve the startups, Enterprises, etc. It offers Tax Filing, Tax Forms, Client portal and many such things all at one place. It has many great features and quite good functionality. However, the Intuit link can be annoying sometimes. ProConnect Tax Online Software includes many great features that are designed to encourage a virtual online and a paperless environment.

Type:Tax Software
Headquarters:Mountain View, California
ProConnect Tax Online Customer Service: +1-855-936-0315
ProConnect Tax Online Customer Support:+1-855-936-0315
ProConnect Tax Online Phone Number:+1-855-936-0315
ProConnect Tax Online Support Number:+1-800-200-7599
ProConnect Tax Online Login: +1-800-200-7599

Like every good thing in the world, it also has certain cons and issues. There are a few instances where some particular updates appear to result in diminished functionality, mainly with the Intuit Link. Once, there was a time when users used to download all the documents that the client provided with just a simple click, but a couple upgrades later, the feature was removed. The Intuit Link functionality does not recognize the fact that client base includes users who are not so comfortable with the use of technology. It is just not possible to send the paperless copies of business returns to the clients.Some tech support folks need much more training in the product, and many of them do not even have the basic and proper understanding of tax preparation. Overall, ProConnect Tax Online is good software and value for money. Tech support is also readily available.

ProConnect Tax Online is now integrated with the QuickBooks Online Accountant by giving tax professionals and accountants one single place to manage all of their work and clients with one login, and a whole new set of benefits for getting on the cloud. ProConnect Tax Online allows us to collect client’s information via Intuit Link. It’s easy for our clients to upload their information and ask us questions via Link. The software allows easy access from any computer.

Frequently Encountered Problems:

If you are a continuous user of ProConnect Tax Online, then you must be aware of the fact that it has certain cons and issues that keep on arising from time to time. Especially, the Intuit Link is a major issue. So if you’re having any kind of trouble, you can always seek for help at the ProConnect Tax Online support number +1-855-936-0315. They are a team of good and experienced people who take cares of all your needs and queries related to the ProConnect Tax Online. It can get really annoying to have the same problems happening again and again. So the list of the major and common problems that are experienced by people most of the time are as follows-

  1. This program isn’t forms based. The data is entered into fields, and then the returns are populated based on the entered information.
  2. Sometimes it’s really hard to figure out where to put the information to get it to go on to a specific place on the appropriate form.
  3. ProConnect Tax Online does have a few drawbacks, one being that you are at the mercy of the cloud. There are certain times during the busy season that it appears that the product runs much slower than usual.
  4. One major drawback is the navigation screens.It takes a bit too many clicks to breakdown information on complicated returns.
  5. No additional integration from apps outside of the Intuit family.
  6. Not being able to log in to the ProConnect Tax Online account all of a sudden and being locked out of the account.

Above mentioned are the major and most common issues that are being encountered by most of the people. But there’s no need to afraid if you also have encountered similar problems as there is the ProConnect Tax Online Customer Service that is always ready to solve and answer all your issues and queries.

How To Contact ProConnect Tax Online Customer Service?

If you are facing any kind of issues or problems regarding the ProConnect Tax Online, then there is no need to worry. You can always find your solutions easily at the ProConnect Tax Online login support number +1-855-936-0315. They are a team of devoted and experienced people that are always available to solve your issues. You just have to contact the customer service without any hassle, and they will be available to solve all your issues related to the ProConnect Tax Online. It will be the best option to contact customer service rather than suffering from the issues. All you have to do is contact them on their customer service phone number and let them know about the problems you are facing, and all of your issues will be solved within a few minutes. However, be careful that you contact the correct customer service phone number according to your location to ignore unnecessary hassles.

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