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Expedia Booking: Have you ever regretted missing out on your favorite destination because you were out of funds?  If yes, then Expedia has a smart solution for you. A simple booking option available on Expedia can change the entire way you travel. The online travel portal is all about providing the enriching travelling experience to its customers. So many savvy and frequent travelers choose Expedia for planning their next vacation. Call Expedia phone number (877) 227-7481 and get your booking done within the shortest time possible.

With jaw-dropping deals and amazing discounts, this travel company lures customers from far and wide. Expedia customer service will do everything possible to meet its patrons’ expectations. So don’t look further, and head towards Expedia to confirm your booking. There couldn’t be a better way to grab a dreamy vacation deal.

Expedia Customer Service

Let’s Dig Deeper in History of Expedia

Expedia is basically an online travel agency used for making flight booking. The online travel agency was launched in 1996 as a division of Microsoft, and from then it is unstoppable. In 2001, USA Networks purchased Expedia from Microsoft. It has gained immense popularity among customers. Expedia maintains its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It offers plenty of services to its passengers such as flight booking, hotel booking, car rentals, holiday activities, vacation packages, cruise ships and much more.

The Expedia group was founded as the division of Microsoft in the year 1996. After the day it was established, there was no looking back for Expedia, which is now grown as one of the most reliable and preferred online travel technology companies of this era. It features an exclusive meta-search engine and travel website that enables users to book travel without getting out of the couch. As of 2018, the company operates various travel business divisions that include CarRentals.com, CheapTickets, HomeAway, Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Orbitz customer service, Travelocity customer service, Trivago, Hotwire.com, and Venere.com.

  1. Number For Expedia Customer Service: (877) 227-7481
  2. Expedia Hotel Booking Phone Number: (877) 227-7481
  3. Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington, U.S.
  4. Website: www.expedia.com
  5. Key People: Barry Diller (Chairman), Mark kerstrom (CEO)

If you want to make a reservation via Expedia, write over the internet “Expedia cheap flight tickets,” which will take you to a high-end search engine. Fill your mandatory details there and book tickets at the minimal fares possible.

How to Book Tickets through Expedia Travel Agency

Are you looking for a travel agency with reasonable travel policies? Then Expedia travel agency suits you best as it has the most customer-friendly travel policies. Apart from that, the agency has the best flight booking policy. Thanks to this, passengers have multiple flight booking options to consider.

Travelers are at liberty to either book reservations online or offline. If they so wish. Nothing will impress you more about this travel agency than Expedia customer service representatives. They are free to help you out in whichever way possible.

Below are the booking options available for you.

Expedia Flight Reservations Process Online

A traveler is allowed to book an air ticket online. The beauty of online booking options is that they’re highly convenient. Here are all the online flight booking options you can consider:

  1. Book on Expedia’s official website: the first option is to book the air ticket on www.expedia.com. Once you visit the website, click on the ‘Flights’ option to start the flight booking option, and select your preferred type of flight. After that, you should provide vital details such as point of departure, destinations, and travel dates.
  2. Chat with a live person: another option is to chat with Expedia customer service online. Nowadays, this travel policy has pages on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Book the flight on Expedia mobile app: another option is to book the reservation, on the Expedia mobile app. You’ll have to follow a few booking options to complete the booking successfully. Please visit official site to provide your Expedia phone number to get the download link. A better option is to scan the QR code directly, as it is provided.

Flight Reservation Process Offline

Better still, travelers can book a flight offline if they so, please. As mentioned earlier, you can connect with customer support to request assistance. Below is a list of the offline booking options for you.

  1. Call customer service: you can call the Expedia customer service number to request flight booking assistance. The good news is that the Expedia customer service phone number is always open for the customers.
  2. Visit the agency’s offices: a less dependable option is to visit Expedia travel agency’s offices. Today the headquarters of Expedia agency is in Washington in the United States. However, this option is not convenient as customer care agents are only available during working hours.
  3. Email customer support; the third offline option is to request flight booking services via email. You can reach customer support at help@expedia.com. A representative will complete the booking for you within 24 hours upon receipt of your request.

How to Use Expedia Travel Agency to Find Cheap Flights

Expedia Airlines is well-known for offering mind-blowing travel deals. For example, travelers can take advantage of travel deals, such as cheap flights and vacation packages. The best way to get a cheap flight is to visit www.expedia.com

You’ll have to compare the plane tickets of the flights of interest. Unfortunately, there’s no specific cheap month. Remember that cheap months vary depending on the destination. However, you must know that the prices of air tickets skyrocket during the festive seasons.

Travelers are free to call the Expedia phone number live person +1-855-713-0818 to inquire about cheap flights. The agent will help you identify a cheap flight based on your flight details. In some cases, the agent may ask for your email address to send you the direct links to available flights.

Lastly, you can subscribe to the Expedia email alert service. The airline will alert you about all available travel deals, such as cheap flights. Kindly visit the agency’s website and navigate to the Newsroom section.

You’ll have to submit essential details such as:

  1. Email address
  2. Phone number
  3. Official names
  4. Company(not mandatory)

Understanding Expedia Travel Agency Flight Search Results

Usually, a traveler starts by providing the relevant travel details to complete the booking. Once you fill out all the details, you click on the ‘Search’ option. You will get a full list of all scheduled flights based on the flight details you submitted, once the page loads.

If you do not get any results, it implies that the airline hasn’t scheduled such a flight. You’re free to dial the Expedia customer service phone number to confirm whether the airline hasn’t scheduled such a flight.

Tips for Setting Flexible Dates

Expedia travel agency permits a flyer to book a flexible date flight. If you opt to book the flight online, you’ll have to allow the ‘Flexible date’ option after the search results load. Usually, once you click on the ‘Show Flexible dates’ option, a mini-calendar will pop up.

On the other hand, if you opt to capitalize on an offline ticket booking option, you’ll have to specify that. The agent will book the flight for you and send you the confirmation email. For flexible date flights, you can change the flight date or flight time as you please.

Reasons why Savvy Travelers opt for Expedia

Looking for a great deal to plan a vacation without ruining your pocket? Expedia is here to get you covered as you will be treated with countless number of profitable deals. Navigate to Expedia and gift yourself a budget-friendly journey.  Customers can also connect to air travel experts to know about available deals via Expedia phone number. Certain benefits of selecting Expedia are-

Makes Your Journey Stress-Free

While planning a trip to your dream destination, your first concern might be budget of travelling. Most of the destinations entail huge airfares, making it a daunting task for travellers. With Expedia, you can travel to your desired destination by leaving all your worries away. This reliable travel agency offers countless deals to make its customers’ journey worth-visiting. These deals will make you drop you jaw in awe.

Get hands on the lucrative deals to travel hassle-free to your dream destination. Expedia offers you the most competitive fares that you may not find anywhere else. Choose the “Expedia flight booking” option to confirm your booking at much ease.

Extensive Search Engine

Search engine of Expedia is designed in such a way that you can access available flights without putting any extra effort. Gone are those days when you need to visit different platforms to find the right deal that suits your budget as well as other preferences. Expedia has done all the work for you; it has collected data from different platforms so that you can make a reservation at this one-stop platform only. Still if you face any difficulty in locating the preferred offer and flight, you can immediately get in touch with experts through Expedia reservations number.

Stunning Customer Support

The most conspicuous reason that makes everyone visit Expedia again and again is its phenomenal customer support. As everyone knows customer satisfaction is the fulcrum of success of any company, and this is what Expedia excels at. Their experts are available round the clock to offer immediate advice to customers in need. They will answer your call regardless of the time of the day. If you encounter any problem, don’t delay further and just call them.

Expedia customer service is very well renowned among its customers; they are highly satisfied with the services and support it offers.

Secure and Safe Transactions

You don’t have to worry about the security of your personal information while making payment. All the details are confidential and it will not be shared with anyone else. No one wants to compromise with the security factor and Expedia understands it very well. Professional team of the travel company makes sure that your data doesn’t get leaked under any circumstances.


Transparency is what every customer needs with its travel company. While making a reservation, everyone is worried about the hidden charges like how much extra tax and fee will be deducted by the company, but with Expedia you don’t have to worry about that. They work on the principle of honesty and trust. With them, you will always know where and how you are spending your money.

Search over the internet “Expedia flight tickets” and you will get many relevant results. Provide all the necessary details to confirm your booking.

All these are the main reasons that are enough to entice customers from every corner of the world.

Expedia Customer Service Number – Call Directly for Prompt Assistance

Hours – 24/7 (Round the Clock)

Expedia undoubtedly stands ahead of the line, when we talk about the best as well as reliable online travel portal to book flight, hotels, and vacation packages. This eminent travel website offers countless travel deals, including flight, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and seamless vacation packages.

It has a high-end meta-search engine, which is capable of performing a search across various search engine and find out the best possible travel deals just in a matter of seconds. However, in many instances, you might fail to find the offer that matches your preferences. In such cases, we recommend you call Expedia phone number to avail unpublished fares, which are conventionally affordable than published deals.

How to Contact Expedia Phone Number Live Person for Customer Service?

If you are facing any issue related to existing booking with Expedia.com or you require any assistance to book your travel; then you can contact Expedia customer service anytime as per your preferences. Expedia has made available a dedicated helpline number that assures prompt customer service round the clock, even at odd hours. The customers can get in touch with the travel adviser through chat, email, or call. However, in case urgent help, calling on the dedicated helpline number is the best way to call Expedia customer service immediately.

If you don’t want to contact them in person, then you can easily contact them through e-mail. Write down your queries and send an e-mail to them. They will definitely revert with the best solution possible.

So what is stopping you? Just pick your phone and dial Expedia reservations phone number to purchase flight tickets in the blink of an eye. This is the best chance for you to fly to your dream destination at the lowest fares.

Reaching out to the customer representative can be little time taking if you consider contacting the customer service by sending an email on the provided email address or through the chat window, as you have to wait for a while to get revert from the available agents.  Please note that dedicated helpline Expedia customer service phone number (877) 227-7481 are available 24/7, even on the public holidays to meet the needs of customers.

Expedia International Phone Number

Expedia Phone  Number in USA+1-855-713-0818
Expedia Phone  Number in Spanish1-877-(EXPEDIA)-227-7481
Expedia 24 hour Phone Number1-877-227-7481
Expedia Phone Number for Flights+1-855-713-0818
Expedia Phone Number Canada1-877-227-7481
Expedia Phone Number Mexico1-877-227-7481
Expedia Phone Number UK44 20 3788 0445
Expedia Phone Number NZ0800 998 799

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I list my hotel on Expedia’s website?

Yes, you can! Kindly visit www.welcome.expediagroup.com to list your property on the agency’s website. The beauty of listing the property is that more travelers see it when booking a hotel on the travel agency’s website.

Please click on the ‘List your Property’ at the top of the website. You’ll be redirected to a new web page to provide crucial details about your restaurant. Once you enter any details, click on the ‘Next’ option to move to the subsequent step.

2. Can I get a pet-friendly hotel with the Expedia travel agency?

Yes, you can! Kindly visit the website, and click on the ‘Pet-Friendly Hotels’ option. You’ll get a full list of all the hotels that welcome pets at a small fee. Technically, these hotels charge a given pet fee per night.

On the bright side, the hotels offer huge discounts, especially during the cheap months. You’ll be happy to know that you can book in advance on any of Expedia’s platforms.

3. I want to sign up for Expedia Group. How do I do it?

Please visit Expedia group official site and click on the ‘List Your Property’ option. You’ll have to follow a few simple on-screen instructions to sign up successfully. Once you sign up with your hotel details will be available on Expedia’s official website.

Therefore hundreds of travelers can see your hotel and even book. Don’t hesitate to sign up and attract guests to your luxurious property.

4. What should I do if I want to cancel my reservation?

Please dial the Expedia customer service contact if you would like to cancel your reservation. The agent will let you know whether the flight cancellation policy allows travelers to revoke a reservation.

Passengers must know that the agency has both refundable and non-refundable air tickets. Unfortunately, you can’t get a refund if you nullify a non-refundable Expedia reservation.

5. Why should I consider Expedia Travel Agency?

Expedia travel agency is among the few airlines that make booking a stress-free process. You’ll agree that the agency provides multiple flight booking options. Impressively the agency’s customer care agents are free to help you out in any way at no additional service fees.

Apart from that, the agency has partnered with other companies, such as hotels and car dealers. For this reason, you can hire a car, book a hotel or a cruise ship online. How convenient is that?

Interestingly, the travel agency offers attractive travel deals. For example, you can get a cheap flight to your dream destination. Additionally, the airline offers attractive vacation packages to its customers.

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by Glen Martin on 247Customerservicenumber

To be honest my first experience of booking a hotel and car for vacation through Expedia has not been good. It was so-so. Their booking time is outstanding and quick, but Expedia customer service is not good at all. For customer support, they require bank statements and all to solve queries.
On top of that, for refund service this website makes you wait for about 1 month. Other than that, I made the most out of my vacation. Thanks to Expedia.com, I looked for all tourist places and activities to do before heading towards my destination.

by Sayed Haider on 247Customerservicenumber

Really good travel portal for hotel booking and flight booking. They provide great discounts on each of their service. Also the customer service staff is always ready for the help.