Hopper Customer Service

Hopper Customer Service Number

Hopper Booking Email – bookings@hopper.com

Headquarters – Montreal, Canada

Website – https://www.hopper.com/

About the Company

Hopper is one of the leading online travel agencies, which was founded in the year 2007 by Joost Ouwerkerk and Frederic Lalonde. The headquarters of the company is based in Montreal, Canada.

Hopper features an amazing travel booking app that lets you plan your dream holiday or excursion without leaving your couch. When you choose this Canadian travel agency as your travel planner, you experience nothing but easy travel booking in less than no time. It only features accurate fares of flight, hotels, and other travel services through its app. With Hopper, you always save on travel booking, as it uses a comprehensive search engine synced with several inventories of travel suppliers to perform scanning of deals based on your request. Moreover, it also facilitates you to avail expert assistance to book your travel.

The travel advisors have in-depth knowledge of the travel industry, which enables them to offer you with personalized travel deals based on your preferences. In the hour of need, you can chat, send an email or call on the Hopper Customer Service Number to get your request addressed within less than no time.

Hopper Customer Service Number – Call Directly for Prompt Assistance 

Hours – 24/7 (Round the Clock)

Are you craving for happening excursion to the destination of your dreams? Wondering from where to get affordable flight and hotel reservation? If yes; then start searching through the Hooper’s app by providing the desired travel dates and destination. The travel booking application developed by Hopper is quite comprehensive that doesn’t require the user to be highly skilled. However, if anybody fails to find the deals as per their unique travel preferences, can also directly contact the booking expert through Hopper Customer Service Number for stress-free travel booking.

There is no designated time to contact the customer service agents, as the helpdesk remains open round the clock. The customers can either initiate a chat or write an email to the travel adviser and wait for a while to get a reply. However, for instant help, we suggest you contact the advisers via Hopper Customer Service Number.

How to Contact Hopper Customer Service?

Contacting the Hopper Customer Service is quite easy, as the company has introduced three contact modes to get in touch with travel advisers. At any instance when you require assistance to get out of the travel-related trouble; you can chat, send an email or call on the Hopper Customer Service Number to get your request addressed within less than no time.

Additionally, if any customer faces issues related to their existing booking, they can contact the customer service as per their convenience.

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 6 reviews
by Jj on 247Customerservicenumber

This is ridiculous, they don't have a direct number to contact for support, and the numbers I've tried they ring ring ring and just hang up. I dont think this would be a good look for founder Frederic Lalonde or whatever his name is if all these complaints went on socially media, hopefully it doesn't take that for tjem to have a better customer support system with a number that actually works. My flight is next week, and due to a family member with COViD i just want to change my flight dates and when i find the dates i want it says i need to request it and then someone will get back to me in 24hrs and its been 5 days, this is Bogus, someone needs to contact me ASAP before legal action has to be taken, and i see that i am not tye only one with this problem.

by richard gonzalez on 247Customerservicenumber

you made it impossible for me to rebook a flight that i had a pricefreeze on and now im assed out!!! have you actually ever wemt thru the "get help" steps yourself ? its ridiculous....i spent hours and got nowhere$!!$

by Lynette Gause on 247Customerservicenumber

My name is Lynette Gause, I had an terrible experience with your app. My son is station at Ft Hood, TX and have suffer from and injury needs to have surgery. I thought it would be a great idea to use this app and be able to get the ticket at the lowest price. I didn’t think it was going to cause me $150 and so many problems.

I myself is a 100 percent disabled veteran I suffer from PTSD with anxiety and panic attacks. This app really triggered these. This app is not friendly at all. There is not a customer service center to call to help you through the process or even to answer a question. You received error messages that causes you to have to sign out and sign back in. Then according to the “get help” you need to call the Airline “ when calling them, they start you all over. They see nothing you see. I see prices dropping on the app but when trying to book the flight the flight comes to be a total different price. Now that is the part have you like what just happened here.

Reading all the fine print, how can you make things nonnegotiable without trying help the customer with all there needs. None of my needs were meet. If anything it added to my problems. When even trying to book why doesn’t your credit fwd. down to your total instead of being credited later. So now on your credit card you have the ticket and this freeze charges while you are facing other expenses for your trip.

I am very disappointed. I will go to my Family Support Center for all active duty, retired, disabled and dependents I will share my experience. I basically had to go through American Airlines and do the entire process.

by Clarke on 247Customerservicenumber

l am very disappointed in this app its a fraud app l tried to update my payment system like to add my banking details on the app and it declined and after it declined they took money from my account seven solid times and its worrying me

by CooQiie on 247Customerservicenumber

Hopper is such a scam, 1st they changed my flight without letting me know, then they cancelled my flight 2 weeks prior to my date, I send an email and I haven't received an email and my flight is within a week. I'm filing a complaint @ BBB.

by Kelsy Mond on 247Customerservicenumber

I Booked flight from hopper.com, how can i cancel my ticket. Please assist your customer service number not work