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Want to satisfy your wanderlust, but don’t know where to start from? Fret not, Kayak is here to turn all your travel dreams into reality. Visit this one-stop online travel portal to fulfill all your travel needs. Whether you are a beach person, nature aficionado, mountain lover, or anything else, Kayak will arrange a wonderful trip for each one of you. On this website, you will find plenty of ongoing deals and discounts that can help you to save on your travel expenses. To know more about the current discounts, get in touch with the experts via Kayak customer service helpdesk and avail all the benefits.

If budget is hampering your travel plan, then Kayak is the right place for you. Be a smart traveler and grab the best deal that not only suits your preference but your budget also.

About Kayak

Established in the year 2004 by Steve Hafner and Paul M. English, Kayak is one of the popular metasearch engine and a leading fare comparing website perfect for flight and hotel reservations. Explorers and travelers from all across the world prefer this website to compare and book flight and hotel. It also has an award-winning flight and hotel booking app that is easy to use for booking travel. The headquarters of the company is based in Stamford, Connecticut, the United States.

As of 2019, Kayak.com is managed and operated by Booking Holdings and the company is headed by Steve Hafner, who now holds the position of the CEO. Apart from offering travel metasearch engine for easy travel booking, Kayak also runs a few subsidiaries including SWOODOO, Checkfelix, OpenTable, Mundi, and Hotels Combined.

Navigate to the official website of Kayak and locate jaw-dropping Kayak flight deals to travel affordably to your dream destination.

Kayak Customer Service

Kayak Phone Number and Information

Kayak Customer Service Number(855) 529-2501
Kayak Booking Essential Contact Number for Services855-529-2501
Parent OrganizationBooking Holdings Inc.
Kayak Customer Service Chatwww.kayak.com/help
HeadquartersStamford, Connecticut, United States
Key PeopleSteve Hafner (CEO), Giorgos Zacharia (CTO)

How to Book Ticket through Kayak Travel Agency

Are you booking a flight for the first? Are you wondering where to start? Don’t worry as Kayak is here to make your booking experience stress-free. The reality is that this travel agency offers countless ways of booking an air ticket. At the moment, you’re free to book a reservation online or offline.

You’re at liberty to take advantage of available travel deals to fly more cheaply. Here are some of the air ticket booking options available for you.

Kayak Flight Reservations Process Online

There’s no better way to book an air ticket than by leveraging an online ticket booking option. Below is a summary of all the online flight booking options at your disposal.

  1. Book an air ticket on the website: the first option is to visit official site to book an air ticket. Once you visit the website, click on the ‘More option’ button, then click on the ‘Flights’ option. You’ll have to provide vital details to search for your favorite flight.
  2. Chat with customer service: alternatively, the booking policy allows you to live chat with Kayak customer service. Nowadays, the Kayak travel agency is available on all social media platforms.
  3. Book on Kayak mobile app: the third option is to book the reservation on the Kayak travel agency’s mobile application. A traveler will only have to follow a few booking steps to complete the booking successfully. You’ll free to download it from App Store or Google Play Store for free.

Flight Reservation Process Offline

Alternately, customers can connect with Kayak customer care to request flight booking assistance. Below is a list of some of the offline air ticket booking options available for you.

  1. Phone customer service: you’re free to dial the Kayak customer service number to book a flight. Kayak travel agency’s customer care phone number is 855-529-2501. Don’t hesitate to call that number to request a flight booking service during business hours.
  2. Visit Kayak’s offices: a less reliable option is to visit the travel agency’s offices. Please note that the headquarters of the Kayak travel agency is in Connecticut in the United States. You’ll meet a team of the agency’s customer care agents there.

How to Use Kayak Travel Agency to Find Cheap Flights

Kayak is among the few agencies that offer travelers irresistible travel deals. For instance, you can get cheap flights to different destinations. Ordinarily, the airline posts such flights on official site for the passengers to book them.

Please click on the ‘Deals’ option to get a full list of all available cheap flights. After that, you should click on your preferred cheap flight to book it. However, you must know that you can only book such a flight if it’s still available.

A better option is to call any of the Kayak phone number +1-855-713-0818 to talk to an agent. He or she will give you details of all available cheap flights. You can opt to request him or her to book the specified cheap flight for you at no additional charges.

Thirdly, a traveler can subscribe to the Kayak travel agency’s email alerts. They’ll email you all available cheap flights. Usually, the airline includes the links to these cheap flights to make booking much effortless for you.

Lastly, if you’re using the Kayak travel agency’s mobile app, you can see all travel deals. Please click on the ‘Deals’ option once you open this application. You’ll get the full list of all the available travel deals.

Understanding Kayak Travel Agency Flight Search Results

Technically when booking a flight online, you have to provide the flight details first. Once you fill out the booking form, you ought to click on the ‘search’ icon. You’ll get a full list of flights that suits the flight details you provided.

If no such flight is scheduled, you’ll get the feedback ‘No Search results’ feedback. It’s crucial to contact Kayak customer service to confirm whether the flight is unavailable. Remember that in some rare cases, they may forget to update a given flight online.

Tips for Setting Flexible Dates

The good news is that Kayak sells flexible tickets to customers. If you opt to book the reservation on Kayak mobile app or on www.kayak.com, you can specify your flight type online. Please click on the date option and check the Flexible departure and Flexible return options.

That means that you’re free to change the flight date or departure time. However, you can only alter these details before your flight. On the contrary, if you call the Kayak customer service phone number. You can request them to book a flexible date flight.

Customers who book the reservation on the Kayak mobile app can set a flexible date too. Kindly click on the travel date and check both the ‘Flexible departure and the ‘Flight Return’ options.

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Flight Tickets

When we search for the suitable flight, lots of concerns come into our mind such as is it a non-stop flight, can I check a bag, and much more. To help you with these questions, here we are mentioning some tips that you should keep in mind before making a booking. We are mentioning some facts that will help you to make your travel decisions more confidently. Be a more confident and smarter traveller and make Kayak reservations without any stress.

Best Airlines

Before booking flight tickets, make sure that you have checked the reviews of Kayak users. Some of the airlines have highest ratings according to the in-flight entertainment, customer service, and comfort they offer to their passengers. Find out the airline that you think is worthy of choosing and then book your tickets. If you need any help while choosing the suitable airline as per your travel plan, give a call on the Kayak phone number and avail instant assistance.

Major Stopover Cities

If you are confused about which destination you should choose for your vacation, then we recommend you to choose the destination which includes stopover cities. In that way you can explore more places on your trip. Check out the list to top stopover cities and choose the one that suits your plan and travel budget. Some of the airlines also offer discounts on stopover cities, ensuring to not miss out on these deals.

Top Hacker Fare Destinations

Don’t forget to avail benefits of the special service of Kayak, known as Hacker Fare, which helps you to get Kayak cheap flights at much ease. Hacker Fare suggests that instead of going on a round-trip, booking two one-ways would be more beneficial. Kayak has a list of top Hacker Fare destinations that is available on its official site. You must check the list and plan your trip accordingly.

When to Book

Apart from knowing which airline to choose and where to go, it’s also important to know when you must book your flight. Prior concern of every traveler is savings, that’s why Kayak has compiled a list which will help you to save on your travel expenses. Check out its official site to know when you can save big while booking a Hacker Fare. Reach out to the dedicated Kayak customer service desk and they will tell you about available deals, so you can travel without shaking your bank balance.

Customers can also check on-going price trends for a particular route over the course of time. Moreover, Kayak will also show you customized insights for a particular destination – just enter your destination and origin and see how airfares have changed over the time. There are some tricks, with which you can find reasonable flights easily.

Plan ahead of time: as everyone knows booking in advance can help you to save more bucks for you. The earlier you book, the cheaper you get.

It’s all about timings: try to travel when others are not flying. Red-eye flights, off-season travel, etc. will bring you the lowest fares.

  1. The key to get the cheapest fare is that you must avoid travelling on weekends. Always plan your trip on week-days to save on your Kayak flight booking.
  2. While you are searching for flights, make sure to select the “include nearby airports” option to check if flying out or into another airport can help you save or not.
  3. Travelers must be flexible to their travel dates so that they can choose the date when airfares are comparatively lower.
  4. Go through this information before purchasing flight tickets and make the most of your trip.

Why Choose Kayak to Book Flight Tickets or Hotels Booking?

Kayak booking would be an ideal choice for you if you want to travel without ruining your pocket. Visit this one-stop platform and you can book tickets without putting any extra effort. Choosing Kayak for making a reservation is preferable due to certain reasons, such as-

Enticing Deals

You will find a new deal every time you make a visit to the website of Kayak. These offers and deals are launched for passengers so that they can make reservations without worrying about travel budget. Keep a vigilant eye on the deals and discounts to not miss out some fantastic offers. Grab the best Kayak flight deals and fly to your favourite location at affordable fares.

Mobile App of Kayak

Kayak has its own mobile app, making it very easy for passengers to book their flight tickets. With this app, you can stay updated to all the current offers and discounts. You don’t even have to worry about internet connection as the app allows you to watch airport maps and your itinerary without the internet connection. Download the app on your device and make Kayak air booking without wasting any further moments.


Kayak is so trustworthy that you can choose it for planning your next vacation without any second thoughts. You don’t even have to worry about your money as you will be notified about each and every single thing. Kayak is a subsidiary of Priceline making it an even more reliable source.

Though using Kayak is so easy, problems can occur anytime. If you encounter any problem while using it, contact Kayak phone number and share your queries with representatives. They are always eager to help you.

Kayak Customer Service Number – Call Directly for Prompt Assistance Hours – 24/7 (Round the Clock)

Kayak has been awarded many acknowledgments like being mentioned in the list of the Best Apps for Business Travelers as well as added in the list of the best Apps and websites for travelers by Travel + Leisure in the year 2012. Moreover, the Kayak was also among the 50 Best Websites of 2009 in the Times Magazine, and 10 Budget Airfare Tools Every Traveler Should Know.

Along with best travel deals, the company also provides round the clock customer service to the customers using this website. One can get their travel related queries resolved instantly by contacting the customer service help desk immediately. The customer service provided by the company is unparalleled, and one can seek help anytime as per their requirement.

Whether you need help to book flight or hotel, confirm the entitled baggage allowance, or you need to know the status of your booking cancelation; you could avail immediate help from the experts by calling on Kayak customer service number. Undoubtedly, Kayak booking helpdesk is a one-stop way to get your issue resolved in less than no time.

How to Contact Kayak Customer Service?

Kayak customer service help desk can be contacted in three different ways to avail assistance on travel related concerns. Now the customers can make use of the chat window to connect with experts or can write an email. However, the best way to contact the expert is by directly calling on Kayak customer service number  (855) 529-2501 as phone lines stay open around the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services can ask from Kayak customer care?

Kayak customer care agents are allowed to provide a wide range of services. For this reason, you’re free to request vital services such as:

  1. Flight change services
  2. Air ticket cancellation
  3. Flight booking
  4. Car hire services
  5. Train hiring services
  6. Refund tracking services

2. Can I hire a train on the Kayak website?

Yes, you can! A customer can visit official site to book a train. Kindly click on the ‘Train’ option once you visit the website. You’ll have to provide vital details before you continue with the hiring process.

Here is a list of these flight details.

  1. Point of departure
  2. Destination
  3. Total number of passengers
  4. Travel dates

3. How will I know about all the available holiday packages?

Technically, the Kayak travel agency publishes all available holiday packages on www.kayak.com please visit www.kayak.com/packages to check about these travel deals. You’ll be required to provide details such as destination, travel dates, and the total number of travelers to get available packages.

A better option is to subscribe to the Kayak travel agency’s email alerts. Usually, the airline will alert you whenever they have vacation packages to your dream destinations.

4. Can I track my flight?

Yes, you can! The impressive news is that Kayak travel agency has an online flight tracker. A passenger can visit www.kayak.com to enjoy this service. Once you click on the ‘Flight Tracker’ option, you’ll have to provide vital details such as:

  1. Departure airport
  2. Travel date 
  3. Airline
  4. Flight booking number

Once you key in these details click on the ‘Track Flight’ option to get full details , about the flight, aircraft, and the airport.

5. Why should I consider Kayak travel agency?

If you’re looking for a travel agency that cares about you, you can rely on the Kayak travel agency. Apart from that, the airline provides customer-friendly travel deals to passengers.

You’ll also fall in love with the agency’s travel policies. For instance, you’re free to cancel or change a reservation for any reason. The good news is that this agency won’t charge you any service charge for canceling the flight or re-booking.

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