Priceline Customer Service

Know About Priceline and Hotel, Flight Reservations Process

Established by Jay S. Walker in the year 1997, the Priceline is US based Online Travel agency known for offering affordable flight deals and hotel rooms at discounted fares so that you don’t need to drive a hard bargain while planning your holiday or vacation. It is now a wholly owned of Booking Holdings and is associated with several travel suppliers including airlines, hotels, resorts, cruises and car rentals. You can call Priceline numero de telefono en espenol and USA phone number for booking or other queries.

The headquarters of the company is based in 800 Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut. Priceline is headed by Brett Keller, who holds the position of Chief executive officer in the company. Get to know about Priceline customer service.

Priceline Customer Service

How to Book Tickets Through Priceline Travel Agency

Most travelers prefer travel agencies that offer reasonable and affordable travel deals. Lucky for you, Priceline travel agency gives flyers the best flight deals to its customers. A passenger is free to book a hotel, flight, or car on any of Priceline’s platforms.

The impressive news is that Priceline agency offers multiple ways of booking a reservation. You’re free to choose whichever option that works best for you. Here are some of the best online and offline flight booking options.

Priceline Flight Reservations Process Online

A customer is at liberty to book a flight on any of Priceline’s platforms. Here is a detailed explanation of each of these online booking options.

a) Book a reservation on Priceline’s website

One can book a flight on Once you visit the website, click on the Flights option. Please start by selecting your preferred flight. Below are the three common types of reservations.

  1. Multi-city flight
  2. One-way flight
  3. Roundtrip

After that, fill out all the empty fields with the relevant flight details. Each traveler needs to provide vital flight information, such as:

  1. Total number of travelers
  2. Cabin class
  3. Point of departure
  4. Travel dates
  5. Destination

Please click on the ‘Find Your Flight’ option once you enter all the flight details. You’ll get a full list of all available flights. Feel free to select the most suitable flight and complete the booking process.

If you complete the process, Priceline customer service will email you a flight confirmation message.

b) Book a flight on Priceline mobile app

Another online option is to book an air ticket on the Priceline mobile application. Open the app and click the ‘Flights’ option to start the booking process. Secondly, enter the correct flight details to search for a suitable flight for you.

If there are scheduled flights, you’ll get a full list of them. Conversely, if the airline has not scheduled such flights, you won’t get any search results. Feel free to call the Priceline customer service phone number to confirm whether the full is unavailable.

c) Chat with customer support

Nowadays, customers can chat with the agency’s representatives on social media. Today, Priceline travel agency has pages on Facebook and Twitter. You must, however, know that customer care agents will only reply to you when online.

A better option is to chat with the agents on An agent will join you as soon as you start a live chat session.

Flight Reservations Process Offline

Better still, you can connect with Priceline customer service to request assistance. Technically the agency offers several offline ticket booking options. They include:

  1. Phone customer care

Nothing stops you from calling customer care to ask for a flight booking service. Therefore you can dial your local Priceline phone number to speak to an agent. For instance, if you’re in the United States, you can call 1 (877) 477-5807.

On the contrary, travelers in Mexico should call 52 18002833214. Passengers in France can reach Priceline customer service on 33 805 11 83 35. You’ll be happy to know that the customer support team is always available to serve you.

  1. Email customer  service

A less common flight booking option is email. A traveler can email customer support at An agent will book a reservation for you and send you a flight confirmation email.

  1. Visit the agency’s offices.

Customers are free to visit Priceline travel agency’s offices to request help. The headquarters of Priceline agency is in Connecticut in the US. You’ll meet several Priceline customer service agent who will book the reservation for you.

Find Priceline International Phone Numbers

Canada1-877 (477-5807)
North AmericaUnited States877 (477-5807)
Priceline mexico telefono52 1800 283 3214
Europe / Middle EastUnited Kingdom020 71368462
Switzerland41 800 (838 799)
Sweden46 20 (033 67 82)
Priceline en español telefono34 900 (983 240)
Portugal800 774 23546
Poland48 12 881 32 98
Netherlands31 800 0249689
Italy39 800 669 780
Israel800 774 23546
Ireland1 203 (220-6946)
Hungary1 203 (220-6946)
Greece30 80016122031547
Germany49 800 5052829
France33 805 11 83 35
Finland358 800 912954
Elsewhere from within Europe44 20 7136 8462
Denmark45 80 83 10 36
Czech Republic1 203 (220-6946)
Belgium32 800 (74 061)
Austria43 800-070854
CaribbeanUS Virgin Islands1 203 (220-6946)
Turks and Caicos Islands1 203 (220-6946)
Trinidad and Tobago1 203 (220-6946)
St. Kitts and Nevis1 203 (220-6946)
St Lucia1 203 (220-6946)
Puerto Rico1 203 (220-6946)
Jamaica1 203 (220-6946)
Grenada1 203 (220-6946)
Dominican Republic1 203 (220-6946)
Cayman Islands1 203 (220-6946)
British Virgin Islands1 203 (220-6946)
Bermuda1 203 (220-6946)
Barbados1 203 (220-6946)
Bahamas1-800 (774-2354)
Antigua and Barbuda1 203 (220-6946)
Asia PacificThailand1 203 (220-6946)
Taiwan1 203 (220-6946)
Singapore1 203 (220-6946)
Republic of Korea1 203 (220-6946)
Philippines1 203 (220-6946)
New Zealand1 203 (220-6946)
Japan1 203 (220-6946)
Hong Kong1 203 (220-6946)
Guam1 203 (220-6946)
China1 203 (220-6946)
Australia1 203 (220-6946)
Central / South AmericaArgentina1 203 (220-6946)
Brazil1 203 (220-6946)
Anywhere Else1 203 (220-6946)

How to Use Priceline Travel Agency to Find Cheap Flights

Priceline travel agency offers several cheap flights to customers. One can book a cheap flight on’ll have to compare flight fees to determine the least pricey reservation for you.

A better option is to subscribe to the Priceline travel agency’s email alerts. You can visit to subscribe. You only have to provide your official email address.

Customer care will email you travel deals and promotions. Kindly leverage these deals before they expire.

Understanding Priceline’s Flight Search Results

Passengers must provide the flight details first before booking the reservation. Once you fill in all the flight details, click on the ‘Search’ option. You’ll get a full list of all available flights. Usually, the first flight on the list is the most suitable.

In most cases, the first flight is the cheapest while the bottom-most is the priciest. If you get ‘No Search Results’ feedback, you don’t need to panic. You can call the Priceline phone number to confirm whether the airline has scheduled your preferred flight.

Tips for Setting Flexible Dates

A traveler can set a flexible date when booking a reservation. Please enable the ‘Flexible Dates’ option to book a changeable flight. Please use this tip to edit the booking while either using the mobile app or

Priceline en Español Telefono Numero – Call Directly for Prompt Assistance

When it comes to choosing a comprehensive travel portal to book your flight and hotel, Priceline is unparalleled in terms of features and travel deals that it offers through its websites. You would be able to find, compare, and book travel packages as per your budget and travel preferences. Moreover, there are so many unpublished deals that are very affordable and can be only availed by speaking the travel advisers of Priceline.

Priceline is undoubtedly the best online travel agency that enables you to plan and book your travel without any struggle. One can find a comprehensive search engine features that would let you organize your trip without breaking a sweat. In the hour of need, you can get in touch with the travel advisers by calling on the Priceline en español telefono +1-855-713-0818. There is no particular timing mentioned by the company to contact the customer service agents, as the helpline numbers are available 24/7.

How to Contact Priceline Customer Service?

If you are facing any issue related to existing booking with Priceline; then you can contact designated travel agents of Priceline customer service anytime as per your availability. Additionally, the travelers can take help of travel advisers to book their flight, hotels, car rentals, or cruise packages.

The telefono de Priceline is reachable round the clock and can be contacted even on public holidays. You can reach out to Priceline Customer Service through email, chat, or by calling on the dedicated Priceline Phone number.

Along with incredible flight offers and amazing travel deals, the customers are also facilitated with 24/7 assistance to find the best travel deals, or for resolving the issues related to the existing booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the Priceline travel agency’s flight cancellation policy?

A traveler can cancel an air ticket if they no longer wish to fly. Here are a few ticket cancellation available for you:

  1. Call customer support: one can call customer care to ask for a flight cancellation service. The airline’s telefono de Priceline numero is +1-800-774-2354. The good news is that customer care agents are always available for you.
  2. Cancel the reservation online: you need to fill out the flight cancellation form to request customer care to cancel your reservation. You need to provide details such as email address, phone, and flight confirmation number.

2. I rented a car online. Can I cancel that reservation?

Yes, you can! Firstly, you can visit the agency’s official website to cancel the booking. Kindly login to your ‘My Trips’ account, to cancel a reservation. After that, click on ‘Find My Trips’ to see a full list of all your reservations. You should click the ‘Cancel’ button to invalidate that booking.

A more convenient option is to contact Priceline customer service. The agent’s phone number is +1-800-774-2354. If customer care is too busy, you can choose the ‘Call Back’ option. They’ll get back to you and cancel the online car booking.

3. Can I advertise with Priceline Travel Agency?

Yes, you can! Please visit to advertise with this travel agency. Alternately, you can contact customer care directly to learn how to advertise with Priceline travel agency.

4. Can I book a flight and a hotel under one reservation?

Yes, you can! Kindly visit the Priceline travel agency’s official website. Upon visiting the web page, click on the ‘Bundle + Save’ option. You’ll see below booking combinations.

  1. Hotel and a flight booking
  2. Flight and Car booking
  3. Flight, Car, and hotel booking
  4. Hotel and Car booking

The beauty of combining is that you can get a better discount. For instance, if you book a flight and a hotel, you can save up to $600 per booking.

5. My son and I would like to fly to Disney World. Can I book a ticket with Priceline Travel Agency?

Yes, you can! Additionally, you can book one of the most luxurious hotels in Disney World. Feel free to visit to book a ticket today.

6. How can I confirm my Priceline travel agency’s reservation?

The easiest way to check-in is at the departure airport before the flight. However, it’s advisable you arrive earlier lest you miss your flight. Today the airline allows you to call the Priceline customer service number.

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