SeatGuru Customer Service

Grab the Deals on Flights By Call at SeatGuru Customer Service Number was founded back in the year 2001 by Matthew Daimler, who was a frequent business traveler. Trip Advisor now owns it, featuring a wide range of flight deals offered by different airlines, car rental services in more than 40000 locations, aircraft seat maps, seat reviews, baggage & unaccompanied Minors policy, and other specific information of various travel suppliers like car rental services, airlines, and others on the website. The headquarters of the company is based in Newton, Massachusetts.

It also features a dedicated customer service helpdesk for travelers in need. One can seek travel related information and assistance to find the right flight deal from expert advisors by calling on SeatGuru customer service number.

SeatGuru Customer Service

How to Book Ticket Through SeatGuru

Most passengers dream of flying with the best travel agency. The good news is that Seat Guru offers flexible flight reservations for the customer. Seat Guru travel agency has partnered with over 15 different airlines to help travelers get cheap Seatguru reservations.

Factually speaking this travel agency offers different ways of booking an air ticket. A traveler is free to either book the flight online or offline. The impressive news is that SeatGuru customer service agents do not charge customers for the services.

SeatGuru Flight Reservations Process Online

Online booking is the most convenient way of booking a Seat Guru reservation. Here is a full list of all the online booking options available for you.

a) Complete the Booking on Seat Guru’s Official Website

A traveler is allowed to book the reservation on at their convenience. Once you visit the website, you need to select the ‘Shop Flights’ option. After that, you’ll have to choose your preferred flight.

SeatGuru offers two types of light, namely:

  1. One-Way flights
  2. Round Trip reservations

Thirdly, you’ll need to fill out all the empty fields with the relevant flight details. One must give essential information, such as:

  1. Travel class
  2. Destination
  3. Point of departure
  4. Departure date
  5. Return date

The fourth step is to click on the ‘Find’ button to search for all available flights. You’ll get a full list of available flights. Feel free to select the SeatGuru reservation that suits you perfectly. If you complete all the steps successfully, you’ll receive an email confirmation message.

b) Book on the SeatGuru Mobile Application

A few years ago, Seat Guru launched an impressive mobile app for customers. Feel free to use it to book your flight. Once you open the app, click on the ‘Search for Flights’ option. You’ll be directed to a new page to fill in a few details.

Please click on the ‘Find’ option once you enter all the crucial flight information. Fourthly, you need to select a suitable flight and proceed to the subsequent flight booking steps.

Don’t hesitate to download the latest version of the Seat Guru App from Google Play Store or App Store. The good news is that Seat Guru does not charge you for using this mobile app.

Flight Reservations Process Offline

Don’t shy away from booking a SeatGuru reservation online. Today, flyers can connect with SeatGuru customer service to request help in flight booking. Below are all the available offline booking options.

a) Contact customer service

One can call the SeatGuru Customer service phone number to request assistance. The agency’s phone number is +1-855-713-0818. You’ll be relieved to know that the agents are always on standby to help you out.

b) Email Customer Care

Alternatively, you can opt to send an email to customer support to ask for flight booking assistance. SeatGuru customer care’s email address is Ordinarily customer care replies to email within 24 hours.

For this reason, they’ll book the flight for you and email you a flight confirmation message. Kindly ensure that you include all the crucial personal and flight details for apparent reasons.

Lastly, you can visit www.seatguru/contactus.php to fill out a contact us form. You’ll need to include a few details, such as:

  1. Email address
  2. Subject
  3. Full names
  4. Message

You can include your flight booking request in the Message box. An agent will see your request and act on it accordingly.

How to Use Seat Guru to Find Cheap Flights

You’ll be happy to know that this agency sells cheap SeatGuru reservations to customers. Firstly, you can visit to view all the inexpensive reservations. You’ll only need to compare the reservations to determine the cheapest one for you.

A better option is to scroll to the bottom to see links to cheap flights. You can get direct links to book reservations to various destinations. They include:

  1. Ireland
  2. Japan
  3. Paris
  4. Las Vegas
  5. Florida
  6. Jamaica
  7. California

An alternative option is to contact customer support to request assistance. The agency’s customer care number is +1-855-713-0818. Please note that in some rare cases, Seat Guru may delay publishing cheap flights.

Understanding Seat Guru’s Flight Search Results

Seat Guru travel agency expects customers to search for flights on their own. Therefore you need to visit and navigate to the Shop Flights section. Here you’ll need to provide flight details to search for a suitable SeatGuru reservation for you.

Technically, the agency lists the flights in the order of suitability. However, that does not mean that you must select the top-most one. You’re free to take your time to go through all the flights to determine the best for you.

Tips for Setting Flexible Dates

The best way to book a flexible date flight is to contact SeatGuru customer service. The agent won’t mind booking the reservation for you at no extra fee. Alternatively, you can request them to guide you on how to book such a reservation online.

SeatGuru Phone Number – Call Directly for Prompt Assistance
Hours – 24/7 (Round the Clock)

Along with comprehensive search engines to browse and find flight deals, SeatGuru is also a one-stop platform to avail information like Baggage policy of the airline, in-flight amenities, cabin class, travel seats, and other travel related information. Moreover, passengers can also hire car rental services at affordable rates.

If you are an amateur traveler and need help to plan your holiday starting from picking up the right flight deal to hiring a car rental services to get around the city, the SeatGuru’s travel advisers can help you; you just need to call on SeatGuru Customer Service Number. Additionally, you can even email your concern or initiate a chat and wait for the expert to revert with valuable advice.

How to Contact SeatGuru Customer Service?

If you are facing issues with your existing booking with any specific airline and you want to avail some valid information like Check-in, Baggage, or about Unaccompanied Minors; then you can contact SeatGuru Customer Service by contacting on their dedicated helpline number. Additionally, if you want to know about the in-flight amenities and seat maps of any particular air carrier, you can avail the information by contacting the representatives through SeatGuru Phone Number +1-855-713-0818.

There is no specific time to contact the customer service representatives, as the phone lines are open round the clock to provide travelers with prompt assistance. If you need help on an urgent basis and it is a public holiday, you can still contact the expert through customer service number. Travelers can also contact the travel advisers by sending an email on the designated email address or through chat windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Seat Guru allow passengers to sit on the Exit Row?

Yes, it does! However, such a traveler needs to be at least 15 years old. Additionally, the traveler must be capable of communicating and understanding travel instructions. Unfortunately, SeatGuru does not allow infants to sit at Exit Row for good reasons.

2. I’d like to advertise my hotel with SeatGuru. What should I do?

Technically, SeatGuru allows companies and advertising agencies to partner with them. Kindly visit to advertise your company. Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with the Ad specifications.

3. What does a traveler need to rent a Car with SeatGuru?

One needs a few things to hire a car on any of SeatGuru’s platforms. For instance:

  1. A credit or debit card
  2. Passport
  3. Driving license
  4. National Identification Card

The company will need you to produce these documents when you go to pick up the car.

4. What are some of the airlines that SeatGuru has partnered with?

Seat Guru travel agency has partnered with several international airlines. For this reason, travelers can fly to over 150 different destinations, both locally and internationally. These airlines include

  1. Air Astana Reservation
  2. Aeromexico Reservations
  3. Air Canada Flight Reservations
  4. Air France Customer Service
  5. Avianca Reservation
  6. American Airlines Flight Reservations
  7. Alitalia Reservations
  8. Alaska Airlines Customer Service

5. Can I fly with my pet?

Yes, you can! Lucky for you, most airlines allow passengers to fly with pets. However, you may have to pay a reasonable pet fare. Additionally, the agency will expect you to carry a few documents, such as a vaccine certificate.

Please visit the airline’s website to see the full list of all accepted breeds. Today, passengers need to carry their pets in a well-ventilated carrier.

6. Do I need to carry my power bank?

No, you don’t! The good news is that most airlines feature power ports. The port is at the armrest or under the seat. For this reason, you can charge your electronic devices such as a mobile phone or a laptop.

Please note that some airlines do not allow travelers to carry power banks. Therefore it’s advisable that you visit the airline’s official website to see all prohibited items. Passengers must note that the airline does not provide charges or USB cables.