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Verizon TV has got the most innovative technology of Fiber that has a huge impact on the quality of visual contents. Verizon operates its streaming service under the name of Verizon Fios. It is a completely fiber-optic network that transmits data at a super-fast speed.

Verizon Fios is extremely fast and offers quality contents at a rate much lower than its competitors. The customers are highly satisfied with its services and appreciate the features offered. Verizon Customer Service is always a step ahead with its unparalleled support to the customers when needed.

Founded in 2005, Verizon is a premium cable TV service from the house of Verizon Communications. The cable TV operates over a fiber-optic network and provides services to nine states of the US. With more than 400 channels, Verizon TV allows you to witness all the contents in complete high definition. The fiber-optic network gives you a great experience of TV in 4K quality.Powered with a voice remote you can access the service much better. With direct access to Netflix, you can also get to watch all the latest releases across the globe. Get the premium channels easily and download your favorite shows to stream them offline. You can add a Spanish language pack and other international channels in 20 different languages. Watch all your favorite sports channels easily and pay per view for all the premium contents. Call Verizon cable customer service number +1-855-695-0023.

Verizon Cable Phone Number
Verizon Cable Customer Service
FoundedOctober 7, 1983
Headquarters1095 Avenue of the Americas, New York City, New YorkUnited States
Area servedWorldwide


Reasons for choosing Verizon:

A huge bouquet of channels: Verizon Fios offers a huge number of channels to the subscribers. There are more HD channels than their counterparts. The consumers also get access to a large number of music channels and sports channels with the various plans from Verizon.

Customizable packages: A consumer can easily customize his channel pack and choose all those channels that he wants to view. No need to buy an entire package for a single channel, it can be easily customized. There are also various types of subscription plans available for the users to choose according to his convenient.

Installation process is taken well care of: Verizon Customer Service takes good care of the entire installation process of Verizon Fios TV. The user does not have to take any headache for installing the hardware. The technician from the company will come and complete the whole process.

Excellent DVR services: The DVR of Verizon Fios allows recording of SD and HD programs for up to 50 hours. There is a huge storage capacity of 500 GB and 2 shows can be recorded simultaneously. Live TV can be easily controlled from the DVR.

Top-class quality of the visual contents: Almost all the channels are in high definition with many being in ultra high definition (UHD). The finest quality of all the visual contents is available which enhances the TV experience of the subscribers.

Multi-room services: Verizon Fios TV allows the users to stream contents from more than one room in the house. The multi-room feature of the DVR can stream live contents in 5 TV sets at the same time.

Stream from your wireless devices: The streaming service allows the users to watch their favorite contents in their Smartphones. All the TV shows and movies can also be downloaded and watched offline from any part of the world through Verizon Fios TV.

Frequently Encountered Problems with Verizon

With more than 5 millions of customers in the US, Verizon TV is running strong for the past 14 years. It has loaded its cable service with all the latest features that give the customers the utmost pleasure of watching TV. The high-speed internet makes uploading and downloading large files very easy. The voice control remote is surely the latest one from Verizon which makes using the different features of the TV very easy.

However, there are certain shortcomings in their service which make the users face various difficulties. They tend to panic because of them but there is nothing to worry as the strong customer backup team of the company can handle any issue tactfully. You just need to connect them over the Verizon cable customer service number +1-855-695-0023.

  1. The voice remote not working properly
  2. Verizon TV users unable to add premium channels in their TV plan
  3. Users not getting high definition picture quality in Verizon TV

If you are facing any of these issues then feel free to contact the customer desk of Verizon TV. They will come up with the best solution.

Contact Verizon TV Customer Service by Calling on the Customer Service Number

Verizon TV is trusted as one of the best cable TV services by millions of people in the US. The company provides the best services which allow the users to enjoy seamless streaming. But if there is an issue with their services then they come up with quick solutions. They are always available over the Verizon cable customer service number +1-855-695-0023.

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