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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is one of the oldest web browsers in the world. It is also one of the most well-known web browsers, has been around since 1995. At one point, it was the most popular web browser, owning around 95% of the world’s web browser market share. This is well before Apple developed its Mac OS.

Back then, Windows was the most popular operating system, and subsequently, Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser. However, over the last few years, Internet Explorer’s popularity has declined significantly. However, it is still quite popular among the baby boomers, whoever has used this web browser in most of their professional lives.

Type :Web Browser & Feed Reader
Founded :1995
Engines:Trident, Chakra
Website :
Internet Explorer Customer Service: +1-855-695-0023
Internet Explorer Customer Service Number :+1-855-695-0023
Internet Explorer Phone Number :+1-855-695-0023
Internet Explorer  Technical Support+1-855-695-0023                 


Frequently Encountered Problems

Like all web browser, sometimes user of Internet Explorer may encounter trouble when using their chosen web browser. This can come about because of a lot of issues. From glitches to lack of connectivity, the Internet Explorer may leave some users frustrated.

This is partly because Microsoft has stopped upgrading its web browsing service. In the past, with every new Windows release, there would be a new version of Internet Explorer available. But now, that is not the case. This is partially the reason behind some bugs which users may come across. Some examples of the most common glitches include:

  1. Why has InternetExplorer crashed or frozen?
  2. Why has Internet Explorer stopped working?
  3. Why is Internet Explorer closing tabs?
  4. Why is Internet Explorer not detecting internet?
  5. Why is web page not mobile compatible (for Internet Explorer’s mobile app)?
  6. Why is 404 Error displaying?
  7. Why can’t I see pictures (or videos) on Internet Explorer?

The best way to tackle these problems is by contacting the Internet Explorer customer service +1-855-936-1217 so that your problem may be solved.


How to Contact Internet Explorer Customer Service?

If you’re facing any glitch that is preventing you from using Internet Explorer, then you should contact the Internet Explorer tech support. You can do this through a wide range of methods. First of all, you could turn to the old-fashioned way. A guide to fixing the most common bugs in the Internet Explorer can be found in the Windows manual.

This is available both online and in paperback. Most people end up getting a free copy of these with their purchase of Windows. If you bought Windows online, then you’re bound to have a PDF file of it. But if that’s too lengthy for you, then you can directly contact the Internet Explorer customer service via the Microsoft support web page.

Here, you will find the Internet Explorer technical support. You can call tech support and have them guide you through the process. If you’re put on hold for too long, then you can turn to the Internet Explorer customer service chat where a virtual representative will provide you with instructions on how to deal with your issue. You can find the Internet Explorer customer support phone number +1-855-695-0023 on the Microsoft Support page as well.

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