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Amazon-Web-Services Phone Number

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Type :Web Service, Cloud Computing
Founded :2006
Headquarters:Seattle, WA         
Website :
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About Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services is a backup of Amazon that gives on-request distributed computing stages to people, organizations and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go premise. In total, these distributed computing web administrations give a lot of crude, theoretical specialized foundation and conveyed processing building squares and instruments. One of these administrations is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, which enables clients to have available to them a virtual group of PCs, accessible constantly, through the Internet. AWS’s adaptation of virtual PCs imitate the greater part of the properties of a genuine PC including equipment (CPU(s) and GPU(s) for preparing, nearby/RAM memory, hard-plate/SSD stockpiling); a decision of working frameworks; organizing; and pre-stacked application programming, for example, web servers, databases, CRM, and so forth.